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This music mod will definitely bring back some AOL chatroom memories while listening to this. 1.0.4 Update: I added in four new songs from obscure albums.

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You miss these times when late-90s early 2000s was the shit, did it?

God i miss late 90s early 2000s ain't it? This was the best time for all sorts of media such as Music, movies, video games, etc. We got such gems such as, Kingdom Hearts, Linkin Park, Treasure Planet, Dragon Ball Z (The Funimation English Dub), Codename: Kids Next Door, and all that good bollucks. And speaking of music, i made this mod to revisit your nostalgia fuel! This contains late 90s to late 2000s music from that very era.

Again, credits to the original mod author, Kyle for making the Original Soundtrack mod!

Once again, i don't own all of the music tracks, all of them belongs to Disney, Kenji Yamamoto, Joe Boyd Vigil, Bonobo, Machinae Supremacy, Bang Wa Cherry, Phil02 (The OG Marble Blast Platinum Mod author!), Papa Roach, KMFDM (The OG classic motherfuckin' 90s rock band!), Pantera (The Axe, anyone?), Origa, Yoko Kanno, Bungie/Microsoft, and all of these amazing artist groups, etc.

Good news: I am now accepting song requests from this now on. Feel free to request one in a PM (Discord) or in the Agora Road Forums (i have an account there so send me love if you like.)!


(1.0.4) I added in four new songs from Going Through The Sky, Dream Dolphin - Angels 13: From The Hyper Speed Forest, and Beat 106.

Changed Toonami - Heavy's scenes to mysteryspace because i'm a goddamn moron and haven't gotten much sleep yesterday. Adjusted a few songs' volume. Sorry it wasn't as polished as the Totally Normal VGM Music Mod, i'll polish it later once i add in a few more songs in. (1.0.3)

Goddamn it, why do i keep on missing these important music tracks? Again, fixed it. Also adjusted some of the volume on some tracks. (1.0.2)

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