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A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 4.3.5



  • Adds Goobo as a playable character. Most of the core mechanics work but there are still a lot of bugs!
  • Change into a random (unlocked) Survivor every 30 seconds. Syncs to the in-game timer when possible
  • Option to absorb Equipment as an Uncommon item (set in Loadout)
  • Option to absorb/transform Drones into a Common or Uncommon item (set in Loadout)
  • Option to change transform ordering
  • Option for summoning a familiar when transforming
  • I've been building my mod using DittoMod as a base, so that's why there are Ditto-related things. Going to fix this eventually
  • Press F2 and F3 to change material (DUBUG FEATURE)

Known Issues

  • Familiars can drop items if the Artifact of Sacrifice is enabled
  • Chat gets weirdly messed up every time you transform. Pressing Enter or waiting for the next message will fix it.
  • Pressing F2 or F3 during a stage transition will crash the game
  • The first time you spawn as a specific survivor, it will play the load-in animation. For example, the first time you turn into Huntress it will play the spawning animation, but every time you spawn as Huntress afterward will be seamless
  • Works perfectly in single-player or if only one person plays Goobo in a multiplayer session. DO NOT TRY TO PLAY WITH MULTIPLE GOOBO PLAYERS
  • If you spawn as Captain more than once in a single stage, your Special Skill will be restocked
  • The direction the character model is facing does not get carried over when you transform into a different survivor
  • Buffs/Debuffs do not always carry over when you transform
  • You can crush yourself with an Orbital Supply Beacon sometimes
  • Goobo clones don't have the correct names


  • If you have any questions, bug reports, or suggestions on how to fix stuff, post it in the Goobo Mod section of this discord channel:
  • I also stream sometimes, so you can stop by and chat there if you'd like:


  • 0.10.0

    • Nothing major, just testing out some stuff
  • 0.9.2

    • If you transform mid-air, your first hit of fall damage is negated
  • 0.9.1

    • Increased damage and defense for jellyfish familiar and its health no longer drains
  • 0.9.0

    • Added option to make drones drop items on the ground instead of going directly into the player's inventory
    • Minor tweaks to familiars
    • Doing some initial multi-goobo testing (I would still not recommend trying it yourself though)
    • Transformations posted in chat (however, since chat gets messed up for the goobo player every time they transform this isn't all that helpful right now)
  • 0.8.0

    • Fixed 50% starting health for familiars
    • Fixed familiars to work with artifact of swarms
    • Changed 3rd familiar (Goopy) to a healer instead of a turret
  • 0.7.2

    • Fixed not starting at 50% health on eclipse (still doesn't quite work for familiars)
  • 0.7.1

    • I forgot to make the damage you take when transforming count as real damage. This'll fix it
  • 0.7.0

    • Egocentrism works properly
    • Fixed Captain microbots bug
    • Added option to change survivor transform ordering
    • Added options to spawn a variety of temporary minions when you transform, at the cost of some health
    • Desperado Tokens get decreased by 1 per stage instead of being halved
  • 0.6.0

    • Added option to toggle absorbing Equipment/Drones in the Loudout
  • 0.5.1

    • Actually absorbs drones now
  • 0.5.0

    • Goobo now absorbs drones upon purchase
  • 0.4.0

    • It's fine, don't worry about it
  • 0.3.0

    • Don't worry about it
  • 0.2.0

    • Materials are fixed
    • Fixed "only works for one run" bug
    • Desperado Tokens get carried over between stages and instances of spawning as Bandit, but the total tokens gets halved at the end of each stage
    • press F2 and F3 to cycle through different materials!
    • Gummy Engineer turrets die after 30 seconds and DO NOT RESPAWN even if the player has extra-life items
  • 0.1.0

    • Several small updates to core gameplay, still VERY buggy
  • 0.0.0

    • Alpha Release

Available versions

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2022-6-17 0.10.2 2987 Version 0.10.2 Install
2022-6-16 0.10.1 39 Version 0.10.1 Install
2022-6-16 0.10.0 46 Version 0.10.0 Install
2022-6-7 0.9.2 1074 Version 0.9.2 Install
2022-6-7 0.9.1 144 Version 0.9.1 Install
2022-6-7 0.9.0 50 Version 0.9.0 Install
2022-6-5 0.8.0 504 Version 0.8.0 Install
2022-6-2 0.7.2 560 Version 0.7.2 Install
2022-6-1 0.7.1 87 Version 0.7.1 Install
2022-6-1 0.7.0 43 Version 0.7.0 Install
2022-5-27 0.6.0 820 Version 0.6.0 Install
2022-5-26 0.5.1 167 Version 0.5.1 Install
2022-5-26 0.5.0 31 Version 0.5.0 Install
2022-5-25 0.4.0 246 Version 0.4.0 Install
2022-5-25 0.3.0 45 Version 0.3.0 Install
2022-5-24 0.2.0 248 Version 0.2.0 Install
2022-5-18 0.1.0 306 Version 0.1.0 Install
2022-5-16 0.0.0 197 Version 0.0.0 Install