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Risky Artifacts

Adds 10 artifacts to ruin your run with. Features Origin from Risk of Rain 1!

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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.4.1905
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A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 4.4.1


Risky Artifacts

Adds 10 artifacts to ruin your run with.

  • Artifact of Origination

    • Bosses invade the map every 10 minutes.
    • Invaders gain +50% movement speed, +30% attack speed, and +20% damage, and -30% cooldown reduction,.
    • Invaders drop items when killed, with a chance to drop their respective boss item.
    • Boss spawn count scales based on playercount and loop count.
    • Config allows for Classic Origin, where only Imp Overlords spawn.
    • Spoiler:
      Beads of Fealty increases invader count.
  • Artifact of Arrogance

    • Mountain Shrines are permanent. A Mountain Shrine is guaranteed to spawn on each stage.
  • Artifact of Expansion

    • Teleporter radius is mapwide, but takes longer to charge.
    • Doubles Moon/Void field holdout radius but increases their charge time.
  • Artifact of Conformity

    • Prevents scrappers and printers from spawning.
  • Artifact of Warfare

    • Boosts monster movement speed, attack speed, and projectile speed by 50%.
  • Artifact of Primacy

    • The Primordial Teleporter spawns on every stage after looping.
  • Artifact of the Phantom

    • The Phantom King of Nothing hunts you down if you spend too long on a stage.
      • Spawns after spending 4.5min-6min on a stage.
      • Immune to Void Fog and fall damage.
      • Can die to Void Reaver bubbles.
      • Drops an Irradiant Pearl and 5 Lunar Coins when killed.
      • Begins ravaging the map with explosions after death.
  • Artifact of Cruelty

    • Enemies can spawn with multiple elite affixes.
      • Mainly intended as an artifact to enable post-loop with MidRunArtifacts.
  • Artifact of the Hunted

    • Survivors can spawn as enemies.
      • Enemy survivors have increased health and decreased damage.
  • Artifact of the Universe

    • All enemies can spawn on all stages.
      • TONS of config options.

For Mod Devs

If you are making a custom boss and want to add it to the Artifact of Origination spawn pool, add a softdependency to com.Moffein.RiskyArtifacts then do: Risky_Artifacts.Artifacts.Origin.AddSpawnCard(Spawncard, BossTier);

Boss Tier affects when the boss can spawn.

Stage 1-2: 100% chance T1

Stage 3-4: 30% chance T1, 70% chance T2

Stage 5: 25% chance T1, 65% chance T2, 10% chance T3

Stage 5+: 5% chance of Scavengers, 95% chance of Stage 5's boss pool

T1: Beetle Queen (disabled), Titan, Vagrant, Dunestrider

T2: Imp Overlord, Magma Worm, Solus Control Unit, Grovetender, Xi Construct, Void Devastator

T3: Grandparent (disabled)


Main Dev - Moffein

Warfare Icon - MinHui12g

Icons for Conformity, Arrogance, Expansion, Origin - KoobyKarasu

Icon for The Hunted - Thingw

Cruelty - RyanPallesen's FloodWarning Artifacts

Translation Credits

Chinese Translation - JunJun_w

Ukrainian Translation - Damglador

Spanish Translation - Juhnter

Portuguese Translation - Kauzok

Russian Translation - Lecarde