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Adds Wicked Ring to the game as a lunar item with a major downside.

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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 2.0.0
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A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 2.1.16

´╗┐This mod adds Wicked Ring to the game as a lunar item.

If you have any issues contact me on the modding (or the offical) discord. (@Rein#7551) You can also visit the github link above and create issues if that tickles your fancy.

How the item works

-On crit, reduce all cooldowns by 1 second (+ 1 second per stack) multiplied by the proc coef of the attack that crit.
-On crit, take a % of your current hp+shield as damage. The % scales up with how much damage you deal multiplied by stacks, but never will kill you.

My reasoning and methodology

  • Reducing cooldowns on crit is an incredibly powerful effect. If wicked ring was a red without a downside, it would dethrone clover immediately (on almost every character).
  • The effect of Wicked Ring falls under the umbrella term of "Broken", meaning that it is so inherently powerful that balancing it through numbers alone (IE: how much cooldown to reduce) is entirely impossible. It will always be either worthless or overpowered.
  • Rather than try to tune that number to an area where it doesn't break the game, I elected to make it a lunar item. Adding a downside is the best approach to offsetting the inherent strength of Wicked Ring.
  • I went through numerous iterations for a downside. One of the first was doubling your cooldowns, followed by various things like reducing your crit chance, removing the crit damage multiplier, and many other ideas.
  • Eventually, I came to the conclusion that in order for Wicked Ring to work it needed to have a downside that could not be offset by items in any practical way, and forced you to really consider if it was worth the risk.
  • Basically, Wicked Ring needed a downside similar to glass and corpsebloom, something that you could easily regret taking down the line.
  • In addition, the downside needed to be more significant than glass and corpsebloom, because the potential strength of Wicked Ring was much higher. Substantial self damage fit the bill.
  • From there, I focused on tuning the numbers for how much self damage to apply. Instead of listing off a single formula (far too long) I will just give the calculation step by step.

Self damage calculation/formula

  • Whenever an attack crits it takes the damage of the attack and divides it by your character's base damage stat. It then multiplies it by 2 to the power of glass stacks + 1 to ensure that glass increases the damage you take.
  • That value is then multiplied by the number of Wicked Ring stacks, and then multiplied by -1
  • 1.15 is raised to the power of that value.
  • The result is subtracted from 1 and then multiplied by 0.9 * the proc coef of the attack that crit.
  • Finally, that number is multiplied by your current hp + current shield and you take that value as damage.
  • The end result is that as the damage goes to infinity, the percentage of your current health goes to 90%. Meaning no matter what you do, you will never be able to die to the self damage.



  • First release

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