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Content mod with 30+ new items and a new elite.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.4.2103
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A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 5.0.3



Thalassophobia is an expansive content mod with 30+ new items and a new elite type. Development is still ongoing, and the current mod is very rough. There will be issues or crashes, but the general effects of all the new content should work. If you want to give feedback or have any suggestions you can reach out to me on Discord @jt hehe#5756.


  • 8 Common Items
  • 14 Uncommon Items
  • 3 Legendary Items
  • 4 Void Items
  • 2 Lunar Items
  • 1 Elite Type

Help The Developer c:

Common Items

Military Training:

  • Increases crit chance by 5% (+5% per stack), and increases crit damage by 7% (+7% per stack).

Predatory Fungus:

  • Heal for 5 (+5 per stack) plus 0.25% (+25% per stack) of max health whenever you kill something.

Acidic Rounds:

  • 20% chance to apply an acidic debuff doing 5% (+5% per stack) damage repeatedly over 2.5 seconds. Damage tick rate increases with attack speed.

Fragile Mask:

  • Spawns a lesser wisp to fight for you. The wisp is stronger than average and follows the player. When it dies this item is destroyed, but increases allied wisp HP.

AR Visor

  • 25% chance on critical strike to gain 5 barrier (+5 per stack).

Cracked Orb

  • Using a shrine grants you experience.


  • Every 5th attack deals 20% (+20% per stack) more damage.

Booster Boots:

  • "+25% movement speed for 2 (+1 per stack) seconds after using your utility skill.

Uncommon Items

Broken Candle:

  • 15% chance for attacks to become incendiary. Incendiary attacks create explosions that deal 30% damage in an 8m radius and scorch enemies making them take 30% (+30% per stack) more damage for 5 (+1 per stack) seconds.

Red Stone:

  • On killing an enemy, gain a buff that gives 7% increased healing and 3 armor that can stack 3 (+1 per stack) times. (hehe jojo reference)


  • Gain +15% (+10% per stack) damage and +15% (+10% per stack) attack speed.

Compound LETH-41:

  • DoT effects do +7.5% (+7.5% per stack) more damage.

Neuron Impant:

  • 0.25s (+0.25s per stack) less cooldown primary and utility skills.

Diving Gear:

  • "Killing an elite monster removes 1 (+1 per stack) debuff. Can only be triggered every 5 seconds.

Greater Mask:

  • Spawns a greater wisp to fight for you. The wisp is stronger than average and follows the player. When it dies this item is destroyed, but allied wisps get increased damage and attack speed.

Hardlight Shields:

  • Having active shields increases your armor by 50 (+25 per stack).

Analytical Scale:

  • Gives a random buff when you are debuffed.

Museum Brochure:

  • Using a shrine increases a random stat by 10% for the rest of the stage.

Memory Chip:

  • Gain critical strike chance for every buff you have.

Conductive Sap:

  • Killing an elite monster grants critical strike chance.

Charging Nanobots:

  • Turn full shields into a large amount of regeneration. Shields recharge quicker.


  • Slowing an enemy decreases their attack speed.

Legendary Items

Overclocked Control Unit:

  • Summon a powerful drone that copies your items.

Chimeric Mask:

  • Spawns a Lunar Chimera Wisp to fight for you. The wisp has 200% damage and 200% health. When the wisp dies this item breaks, but all allied wisps gain increased stats and become elite.

Volatile Concoction:

  • Attacks that deal 450% or more damage trigger on kill effects. Recharges every 8 seconds. On kill effects do 25%(+25% per stack) more damage.

Lunar Items

Borrowed Time:

  • All damage is applied to you over 4 seconds (+2 per stack), but You take 30% more damage (+30% per stack) every time you take damage.

Eulogy of a Gambler:

  • All random on hit effects are rolled +1 (+1 per stack) times regardless of outcome allowing items to proc multiple times. All attacks gain a 20% chance to miss (+20% per stack). Skill Issue.

Void Items

Hunters Mark:

  • Corrupts all Predatory Instincts. Critical strikes increase your chance to activate other items.

Infected Aerosol:

  • Fire effects cause enemies to suffocate instead for 1 second (+1 second per stack). This debuff does more damage the longer enemies have it. Corrupts all Ignition Tanks.

Parasitic Bud:

  • Hitting an enemy leeches that enemy. Leeched enemies heal you for 1 HP(+1 HP per stack) repeatedly for 5 seconds. Only 1 stack of leech can be applied to an enemy. Corrupts all Leeching Seeds.

Resonator Coil:

  • Corrupts all Tesla Coils. Strike nearby enemies with lightning every 10 seconds.

Elite Types


  • Immune to debuffs and getting hit by a Nullifying monster takes away all your buffs.

Change Log


  • Forgot one tiny thing that made multiplayer unplayable oops.


  • Completely rewrote the code for the OCU and all of the wisp summoning items. They should now work better in multiplayer and be more consistent overall.
  • Hunters Mark now actually corrupts Predatory Instincts
  • Fixed an issue with Charging Nanobots giving way too much regen.
  • Unstable Machine Parts which is an unreleased active item no longer appears in runs as it literally does nothing.


  • Several smaller bug fixes
  • Nullifying elites should be less common now
  • Nullifying elites have a new visual effect


  • OCU can no longer inherit wisp summoning items.
  • Wisp summons are now far less buggy and should overall function better.
  • Bug fixes with infinite wisp spawning and extreme lag on some stages.


  • Nullifying elites weren't really spawning hopefully they are now.


  • README update :3


  • Beta release

Planned Additions



  • On death releases void infestors
  • Attacks inflict a debuff that can stack and goes away after a short time (4 seconds - refreshes when another stack is applied). The debuff can only be applied once per second. Initially it doesn’t do anything but if you gain 7 stacks of the debuff it will instantly kill you.


  • Have an aura which does damage to players near it.
  • Attacks inflict a DoT debuff.


  • Enemies near them will gain armor.
  • Attacks inflict a debuff that reduces armor.