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Gamers of the Cracked Emoji

(aka GOTCE) The ultimate variety content mod for ROR2, making the game even more crazy than it already is. Currently adds a large variety of creative content. Now the largest item and enemy mod on Thunderstore!

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This mod requires the following mods to function

bbepis-BepInExPack-5.4.2113 icon

Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.4.2113
tristanmcpherson-R2API-5.0.5 icon

A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 5.0.5
pseudopulse-Risk_of_Smirk-1.0.0 icon

Adds support for using the :smirk_cat: emoji.

Preferred version: 1.0.0


Join our discord server!

Join the BALLS group discord server for gotce and wrb discussion, as well as to just hang out with some based people in general

Gamers of the Cracked Emoji

Are you tired of your runs being too same-y? Tired of the anemically bad balance of RoR2? Wish there were some interesting new items to spice up your runs? Want to die?

Well then, GOTCE has you covered. As it stands, it has the most items out of any item mod, and also more than sotv, all of it in glorious shitpost fashion. It also has more enemies than any mod, 12 alternate skills, a new elite type, and an all new survivor! It even has actual lore that's explained in logbooks and shit, unlike Survivors of the Void. Hell, we even expanded upon the void lore!

The Contentfunder (so far)

Icon Name Description
Common Items
/ Every 2 minutes and 20 seconds, swap between a movement speed boost and a movement speed debuff alongside an armor boost.
Animal Head 'Critical Strikes' reduce ability cooldowns.
Balls They will stay.
Bang Snap +2 AOE effect to all explosions.
Barrier Insurance Gain an amount of barrier at the start of each stage based on how many barrier items you have.
Barrierworks Activating an interactable grants a temporary barrier.
Bent Crutch Gain a small chance to cheat death. Increase all stats upon dying.
Bone Armour Gain +1 armor and lose 1% max health.
Bloody Shank Gain +5% bleed and crit chance.
Chaos Rounds Chance to fire a random projectile when attacking.
Christmas Gift If the month is December, gain 3 random items on pickup, after which the item is consumed. Does nothing otherwise.
Dripping Camera Gain a chance to critically camera rotate, spinning your camera to the right.
Empathy C4 Gain
Faulty Spacetime Clock Gain a chance to critically Stage Transition, skipping the next stage and unlocking powerful synergies...
#gd1-nullified 'Critical Strikes' poison enemies.
Gummy Vitamins Gain a chance to 'critically sprint', doubling your sprinting speed.
Healing Scrap Prioritized when used with Common 3D Printers. Usable once per stage.
Luckiest Mask Increase proc coefficients. Breaks at low health.
Lunch If it's lunch time, gain 10% max health.
Moldy Steak Lose 25 max health.
Pogo Stick Increase jump height.
Personal Shield Generator gain 8% of yrou max hp in shield
#ror2-discussion On 'critical sprint', your attacks inflict blight for a short duration.
Sigma Grindset On sprint crit, permanently increase your regeneration.
:Skull: Key 'Critical Stage Transitions' give you 5 powerful items. Not consumed on use.
Skull Reaction Gain a chance to critically die, causing you to die twice upon death.
Small Spinny Gain a temporary attack speed boost on camera rotation crit.
Summertime Soda Gain extra shield, damage reduction, and max HP if the current season is summer in the Northern Hemisphere.
Tuesday Magazine Increases your secondary charges if it's Tuesday.
Turbulent Defibrillator Gain a small chance to cheat death. Increase attack speed upon dying.
Weeping Aegis Killing a bleeding enemy permanently increases your shield.
White Fragment Does nothing. 2 stacks combine into 4 random items.
Zoom Lenses Gain a chance to periodically 'FOV Crit', zooming in your vision.
Uncommon Items
0 Pebbles Gain 0 Pebbles.
Aegiscentrism Gain multiple orbital aegis that periodically grant temporary barrier. Every minute, assimilate another item into Aegiscentrism.
Aemergency Aegis For every backup magazine in your inventory, all sources of barrier grant increased barrier.
Amalgam Spoon Killing an elite enemy with a 'Critical Strike' grants a temporary barrier based on secondary charges.
Amber Rabbit On 'Stage Transition Crit', double your item count exponentially.
Analytical Aegis Gain a miniscule temporary barrier on 'FOV Crit'.
Billie Jean Moonwalk.
Boxing Gloves Knock enemies back on hit.
Decorative Drill 'Critical Strikes' grant a temporary barrier.
Delicater Watch Deal increased damage. Breaks upon activating the teleporter.
Extremely Unstable Tesla Coil Rapidly shock all enemies with extremely weak lightning. Super fucking laggy.
French Horn Activating your equipment gives you a burst of movement speed.
Gasogreen Killing an enemy damages and weakens other nearby enemies.
Grandfather Clock On 'Stage Transition Crit', die.
Hearty Breakfast On 'Stage Transition Crit', gain a temporary barrier. Consumed on use.
HIFU's Racecar Reduce Secondary skill cooldown. On 'Sprint Crit', instantly recharge all charges of your secondary skill.
Leeching Guillotine Dealing damage heals you a little bit. Instantly kill very low health Elite monsters.
LtG Mk. 1 Love yourself, now!
Missile Guidance System On 'Critical FOV Strike', fire a homing missile.
OP Merc Build Become briefly invincible every second.
Retrobauble It's literally just CU0 chronobauble.
Scathing Embrace Increase armor and movement speed on camera rotation crit.
Spafnar's Fries Gain +50% max health. #JusticeForSpafnar.
Speedy Finger Increased attack speed for every secondary charge you have.
Trickle-down Bleedonomics Your bleed has a proc coefficient.
Legendary Items
Aegis Display Case Halve barrier decay rate.
Bottled Command Gain 2 stacks of every vanilla S Tier green item. Have fun.
Bottled Enigma Rapidly triggers random Equipment effects. Gain 26 max health.
Free WiFi Unlock orbital skills in hidden realms. Instantly die if picked up again.
Gabe's Shank Gain bonus damage for every game you have installed on Steam.
Galsone I'm galsone!
Galsone Steak +25 AOE effect.
Gamepad Increase 'Sprint Crit' chance based on your inputs per second.
Geneva Suggestion War crimes make you stronger.
Hello World Double your common items at a price...
Kirn Even if frags did 2000% with no falloff I'd still use suppressive because I value survivability and consistency more than anything.
Lotus Permanently increase your max health upon taking damage.
LtG Mk. 2 Keep yourself safe.
Oni Hunter's Sword Chance for lunar items to be converted into red items on pickup.
Pier-Reviewed Source I don't fucking think so.
Personal Shield Generator (13) videogame won
Spikestrip Chan NFT Increases a random stat.
Tub Of Lard Gain a lot of maximum health and armor.
Ultra Instinct Aegis Landing a 'Critical Strike' shortly after taking heavy damage grants temporary barrier.
Zaniest Tree If you're over 25 and own a computer, this game is a must-have!
Zany Soup Triple the amount of food-related items you have.
Boss Items
Never Ending Agony (Gup) Gup is not a funny meme shut the fuck up.
Right Ring Finger of Providence (Providence) Double ALL of your stats.
Viscous Blast (Jellyfish) Emit a devastating explosion on death.
Wool Blanket (Crowdfunder Woolie) Your damage scales off of the quality of your items, according to Woolie...
Lunar Items
Backup Hammer Gain extra secondary charges... BUT you can only use your secondary skill.
Big Shoe "Reduce" the proc coefficient of all your attacks to 3.0... EVEN if they are normally higher. Yes, this affects the proc coefficient of EVERYTHING.
Conformity Gain increased attack speed... BUT you transfrom into the enemy on hit.
Corrupted Shard Seems to do nothing... BUT seems to do nothing...
Crown Prince Cheat death, but you die in a single hit... Breaks after 50 uses
Dark Flux Pauldron Double your attack speed... BUT double your cooldowns.
Dope Dope Your base damage is converted into attack speed.
Entropic Emblem Delete nearby enemies and projectiles... BUT delete nearby interactables and allies as well.
Huntress Harpoon Gain extra utility charges and movement speed, but greatly reduce your damage.
Memories Of Misery Increase your move speed... BUT invert your controls.
Monster's Visage Deal double damage to nearby enemies... BUT deal halved damage to enemies outside the radius.
Pale Ale Increase your damage... BUT majorly fuck up everyone's vision. Currently host only :(
Pebbsi Zero Become the roy :blueberries:
Wind Flux Pauldron Double your movement speed... BUT halve your health.
Yhjtumgrhtfyddc Gain every buff... BUT gain every debuff.
Void White Items
Barrier Stone Gain a miniscule temporary barrier on hit. Does nothing on the first stack because it's total dogshit. Corrupts all Barrierworks.
Fortified Flask Receive instant barrier at low health. Consumed on use. Corrupts all Power Elixirs.
Pluripotent Bison Steak Gain +25% max health. Taking damage randomizes your inventory. Corrupts all Bison Steaks.
Recursion Does nothing. Corrupts itself.
Void Green Items
Ancient Axe Guaranteed 'Critical Strikes' against low health enemies. Corrupts all Old Guillotines.
Clasping Claws Pull enemies towards you on hit. Corrupts all Boxing Gloves.
Explorer's Torch Chance to ignite on hit. Corrupts all Ignition Tanks.
Void Red Items
Bison Skull Gain 1 barrier on kill. Corrupts ALL healing items.
Free Win Friday Win. Corrupts all Spare Drone Parts.
Tub Of Bart Increases agility. Corrupts all Tubs of Lard.
Void Lunar Items
Expression of the Immolated Dramatically reduce Skill cooldown... BUT they automatically activate. Corrupts all Gestures of the Drowned.
Formless Sand Double your health... BUT halve your damage. Corrupts all Shaped Glasses.
Uranial Raegis Randomly create a Ward of Barrier that grants temporary barrier to ALL characters while in its radius. Corrupts all Mercurial Rachises.
Void Flux Pauldron Randomizes stats, teams, and skills periodically. Corrupts all Lunar Pauldrons.
Void Boss Items
Corrupts all Shatterspleens. Corrupts all Shatterspleens.
The Aegisfunder Unleash a rapid-fire barrage of Aegises that give barrier on hit. Consumes 1 Aegis for every second of firing.
Blood Gamble Fire a singular missile with a chance to die.
Bottled Metamorphosis Transform into another survivor
Lunar Equipment
The Crowdfunder 2 Unleash a rapid-fire barrage of high-damage lunar shards. Consumes Lunar Coins.
Boss Equipment
Void Donut (Voidlingling) Briefly unleash a devastating void laser.
Elite Equipment
Secret Compartment Become an aspect of backup.
Living Suppressive Fire A flying fodder enemy capable of rapidly shooting down any foes in its wake.
The A strange smirking cat-like creature from the Cracked Coalition, Thes may not have much health or hit very hard, but they are basically immortal.
Voidlinglinglingling Literally just Voidling as a fodder enemy.
Cracked Pest An extremely dangerous flying Miniboss that shoots a spread of 5 exploding spitballs. Its mega-swag shades indicate that it's not to be messed with.
Cracked Vermin A blazing fast Miniboss that rapidly stomps the ground as it chases you. They prize their dripped-as-fuck Jordans, so try telling them that they are fake.
Freddy Fastbear ar ar ar ar ar ar ar ar ar ar
Ion Surger A pair of electric balls that constantly launch themselves into the air with a surge of ions. The balls stay even after death.
Voidlinglingling Literally just Voidling as a Miniboss.
Crowdfunder Woolie This slow but powerful behemoth is a true menace, capable of shredding your healthbar to bits in a split second with its six mounted Crowdfunders.
Gummy Beetle Queen Gummy Beetle Queen.
Providence Thanks to the disturbances in the timeline caused by Cracked Emoji's influence, Providence has finally returned, now as a Stage 3 Teleporter boss!
Voidlingling Literally just Voidling as a Champion.
Artifact of Artifact All players and monsters move at a quarter of their regular speed.
Artifact of Blindness The fog is coming.
Artifact of Crowdfunding Passively lose gold every second.
Artifact of Sole Take bleed damage while moving based on your current velocity.
Artifact of Woolie If you take more than 5 minutes to complete a stage, you instantly fucking die. Should've rushed harder, dumbass.
Alternate Skills
Doom Blast (Commando M1) Fire a slow, but powerful spread of 20 bullets for 20x100% damage.
Shark Saw (Huntress M2) Throw a piercing sawblade that dashes into a nearby target, dealing 150% damage and sticking to surfaces, dealing 60% bleed damage multiple times.
Explosive Decoy (Bandit Util) Deploy a decoy that draws enemy attention for 5 seconds before exploding in a damaging blast for 200%. The decoy will explode early if it is killed.
Welding Blast (MUL-T Util) Fire a burst of flames that deal 800% total damage over time and incinerate enemies, causing them to return 20% of damage taken as temporary barrier and grant 25% of max health as temporary barrier upon being killed.
Entangler (Engineer M1) Take manual control of your mechanical allies, giving you and them +40% movement speed and +100% attack speed, and reducing your armor by 50 while in use. Entangled allies will be disabled for 5 seconds after disengaging from Entangler.
Stigmata Shotgun (REX M1) Weakens. Fires 9 pollen pellets for 9x50% damage. Costs 5% HP.
Hephaestus Shotgun (Captain M1) Charge up a blast of rapid fire incendiary rounds for 60% damage each, inflicting ignite on hit. Bullets fired increases with charge time, but so does spread.
Magnetic Propulsors (Railgunner Passive) Crit chance is converted to jump height at a rate of 1% crit chance to 3% jump height.
CJI Dumb Rounds (Railgunner M1) Fire an extraordinarily inaccurate spread of 30 rounds per second for 100% damage each. Spread scales with field of view.
The Only Thing They Fear (Viend Passive) You are permanently corrupted. Gain corruption on hit. Your current health depends on your corruption at all times. Difficulty scales faster over time.
War??p (Viend M2) Launch a void urchin that sticks to surfaces and repeatedly deals 60% damage to nearby enemies. Using the skill again warps you to the void urchin, destroying it in the process.
Corrupted War??p (Corrupted Viend M2) Launch a powerful void harpoon that teleports you on impact, telefragging nearby enemies for 2600% damage.
Dr??ain (Viend Special) Rapidly drain your corruption and fire a devastating blast for 100% damage that massively scales with corruption consumed.
Corrupted Dr??ain (Corrupted Viend Special) Root yourself temporarily, gaining a large amount of corruption. Release a barrage of devastating lasers for 320% damage each upon breaking free.
Cracked Survivors
Cracked Commando A true jack of all trades, this 32-armed monstrosity can do next to anything with his skills that are combinations of Commando's default and alternate skills.


Join the balls group discord server and send any suggestion or bug reports in their respective channels. You can contact me directly at monsterskinman on discord, or you can contant HIFU or pseudopulse too idk.

Planned Content

  • Actual fucking item models (we'll do that eventually... maybe)
  • More non-shitty skill icons
  • Tons of everything except stages!
  • Wave 4 will hopefully have a new final boss and a heavy focus on enemies and elites!
  • More cracked survivors!
  • More alternate skills (every vanilla character will have an alternate skill for each slot)

For a full list of planned content so far, check out the GOTCE item document in the pins of the GOTCE channel, which also contains links to the other GOTCE documents

Known Issues

  • The mod is still WIP, however it is still EXTREMELY EPIC!!!
  • We only have placeholder models right now cry about it
  • Some icons are placeholders and suck
  • I currently have no plans to ever do item displays fucking cry about it
  • Not all alt skills have implemented unlocks
  • There are probably networking issues, so certain skills won't work in multiplayer. Everything else hopefully will though.


    • MonsterSkinMan (Main codr, many ideas, logbook entries, playtesting, shitty placeholder skill icons and some shitty placeholder item icons, original creator)
    • Pseudopulse (Main codr, ideas, playtesting, shitty placeholder skill icons)
    • HIFU (Main codr, many ideas, item icons, playtesting)
    • EssentiallyFalse (Ideas, playtesting, some logbook entries, upcoming custom music)
    • n2h4 (Logbook entries, ideas)
    • Creepz (Logbook entries)
    • smxrez (some item models that I haven't gotten around to implementing :smirk_car:)
    • RandomlyAwesome (Coding help)
    • borbo (Coding help)
    • DuhDoesNothing (Elite icons, doing nothing [duh])
    • personal shield generator (13) (providing +104% of our max hp in shield, winning videogame, logbook entries for Personal Shield Generator and Personal Shield Generator (13))
    • Dotflare (Models, ideas)
    • Dumbdazed (Playtesting, ideas)
    • Penfolder (Ideas)
    • Leaf_It (The Only Thing They Fear icon)
    • KomradeSpectre (Item template & tutorial)
    • TheMysticSword (Manuscript code)


1.3.3 Patch Notes

  • Fixed unintentional NREs
  • Fixed typos and shit
  • Suppressed the Cracked Emoji

1.3.2 Patch Notes

  • "minor" update
  • mostly just pushing out fixes because ghor is streaming gotce but I'm too lazy to disable new content
  • Added 15 new items: Bloody Shank, Bone Armor, Small Spinny, Billie Jean, LtG Missile Mk. 1, OP Merc Build, Retrobauble, Scathing Embrace, Speedy Finger, Trickle-down Bleedonomics, Lotus, LtG Missile Mk. 2, Oni Hunter's Sword, Zaniest Tree, Pebbsi Zero
  • New icons for French Horn, Dripping Camera, and Summertime Soda
  • Added 1 new enemy: Freddy Fastbear
  • Added 1 "new" "playable" "survivor": Nemesis Healing Core
  • The and Cracked Commando now have proper running animations and stuff.
  • Fixed hitboxes for melee enemies (ie The and Providence [You are not prepared for Providence's true hitboxes :Fear:])
  • Buffed Analytical Aegis to give 12 (+19 per stack) barrier.
  • Buffed Animal Head to reduce skill cooldowns by 5% (+5% per stack).
  • Buffed Weeping Aegis to give 15 (+14 per stack) shield.
  • Buffed HIFU's Racecar to give 3 Backup Mags on each pickup.
  • Buffed Missile Guidance System to fire 2 (+2 per stack) missiles on FOV crit.
  • Buffed Corrupted Shard chance to """do nothing""" down to 0.5%.
  • Buffed the Aegisfunder to deal 25000% damage.
  • Nerfed Sigma Grindset to give 0.5hp/s (+0.5hp/s per stack) regen.
  • Nerfed Skull Key to drop 3 (+3 per stack) items.
  • Nerfed Extremely Unstable Tesla Coil damage to 0.01%. Also it's supposed to double stack count every few seconds it's intentional trolling.
  • Fixed Barrier Insurance not working.
  • Fixed Pluripotent Bison Steak multiplying item count.
  • Fixed Healing Scrap not working.
  • Fixed Corrupted Shard """doing nothing""" way too quickly (how quickly...)
  • Fixed Bottled Metamorphosis icon.
  • Fixed / icon.
  • Added missing lore entries.
  • Fixed / stats.
  • Fixed some item descriptions.
  • Fixed Suppressive Nader on hit effect not working.
  • Fixed some other stuff probably.
  • Suppressed the Cracked Emoji

1.3.1 Patch Notes

  • Fixed missing brundle
  • Suppressed the Cracked Emoji

1.3.0 Patch Notes - Wave 3.5: A Crack In Time

  • Yeah we're doing a half wave
  • Still added more content than the entirety of some other mods lmao goes hard
  • Suppressed Cracked Emoji.
  • +16 items and +1 equipment
  • Well technically -1 item too since we turned bottled metamorphosis into an equipment
  • Including equips, the total item count is now 100. We are the first item mod to reach 100 items let's fucking joe!
  • Crown Prince noew becomes Crown Prince.exe upon being consumed, allowing it to retain the debuff even after all 50 lives are used up.
  • Fixed an oversight with Shrines of Disposability that caused them to never stop firing
  • Using Shrine of Disposability while the missiles are in use no longer adds another stream, and the missiles are instead added to the current stream's backlog. DML shrine is supposed to be shit, so this is one of the things we did to nerf it.
  • Interactables can now be disabled in the configs. About fucking time.
  • Zany Soup now doubles more items
  • Void Donut removed from normal equipment pool for real for real for real this time... hopefully.
  • Balls can no longer be scrapped nor can it be taken by mithrix. Balls will stay.
  • Added a logbook entry for Turbulent Defibrillator because I forgor
  • New crit types (Critcal Deaths and Critical Camera Rotations)
  • Some other bugfixes probably (hopefully)
  • Suppressed the Cracked Emoji

1.2.5 Patch Notes

  • Fixed a bug that caused on-kills to be fake.
  • Fixed some bugs relating to war crimes.
  • Nerfed the melee hitbox increase from the AOE effect stat to be more reasonable.
  • Changed Amber Rabbit to no longer exponentially increase items on stage crit. While this is a nerf, the item is powerful enough for that to not matter and it will also hopefully help prevent Amber Rabbit crashing the game as often.
  • Fixed bugs related to visual effects not appearing.
  • Thes are now only stunned if an attack would deal damage equal to or higher than the The's maximum health.
  • Thes now receive heavy knockback upon being stunned
  • Living Suppressive Fires now apply the weaken debuff on hit and have slayer, allowing them to potentially actually do something.
  • Buffed the base damages on Living Suppressive Fire and Cracked Vermin.
  • Added various monsters to more stages.
  • Various other changes and bugfixes.
  • Suppressed the Cracked Emoji

1.2.4 Patch Notes

  • Added images to the readme for skills because the maximum readme size was increased.
  • Changelogs are no longer kept in the readme because of other thunderstore updates, and we also added back the old hotfix patches
  • Anyways on to actual gotce stuff
  • Fixed Corrupted Warp damage being way, way, way higher than intended lmao
  • Nerfed Hephaestus Shotgun damage from 60% per bullet to 30% per bullet
  • Nerfed Doom Blast proc coefficient from 1.0 to 0.75 and changes its damage falloff type from none to buckshot
  • Nerfed Welding Blast cooldown from 8 seconds to 15 seconds and halved the barrier gain from the incinerated debuff
  • Fixed the problem where the config presets for disabling certain types of items didn't properly work
  • Mildly nerfed Providence's damage
  • Buffed The's damage
  • Buffed Living Suppressive Fire
  • Nerfed Cracked Pest damage and speed
  • Buffed Cracked Vermin speed
  • Nerfed Ion Surger health
  • Actually fixed Void Donut appearing in equipment barrels for real this time hopefully
  • Suppressed the Cracked Emoji

1.2.3 Patch Notes

  • Fixed inaccurate skill descriptions
  • Fixed style errors in the logbook and shit
  • Nerfed the damage of Doom Blast from 20x100% to 20x90%
  • Buffed the damage of Corrupted Warp from 700% to 1500%
  • Fixed Clasping Claws not corrupting Boxing Gloves
  • Fixed Corrupts all Shatterspleens not actually corrupting Shatterspleen :skull:
  • Fixed configs not working
  • Clarified description for The Only Thing They Fear
  • Fixed unlocks for Shark Saw and The Only Thing They Fear
  • The radius of the explosion for uncorrupted Drain now increases with corruption consumed
  • Suppressive Nader now actually has phase round lightning
  • Temporarily removed old hotfix patches from the readme to save space.
  • Suppressed the Cracked Emoji

1.2.2 Patch Notes

  • Fixed the readme for real this time
  • Suppressed the Cracked Emoji

1.2.1 Patch Notes

  • Dope Dope now multiplies attack speed by 12 and divides damage by 12 per stack. It also no longer gives shield.
  • Fixed an issue with the networking hook
  • Fixed a bug related to Lunar Seers
  • Added missing icons
  • Fixed the Readme. Now you can see all of the new content!
  • Fixed Cracked Commando's character select description.
  • Suppressed the Cracked Emoji

1.2.0 Patch Notes - Wave 3: The Crackening Part 1

  • Added over 30 new items, bringing the item count all the way up to a staggering 88, including equipments.
  • Added 8 new enemies, for a total of 11! This means that GOTCE is now the largest enemy mod currently.
  • Added 12 new alt skills to a variety of survivors. Our goal with these alt skills is to generally make somewhat well-made alt skills to fill in slots that don't have alts, like commando m1 or all of viend. Of course, not all of these skills will be serious, like for railgunner and lodr because fuck them lmao
  • Added a new tier 1 elite called Compartmentalized Elites. They have 3 extra charges and 50% reduced cooldown on their secondary skill (if they have one), and disable your secondary skill on hit for a few seconds.
  • Added 2 new shitty artifacts
  • Added the new Cracked Commando survivor!
  • Fixed an oversight that caused the Wave 2 enemies to spawn much less frequently, or not at all in the case of Living Suppressive Fire. Whoops lmao. I guess this technically means that you're getting 11 new enemies because the 3 from Wave 2 were basically fake.
  • New mechanic: Critical Sprints - Every time you initiate a sprint with any amount of Sprint Crit Chance, you will critically sprint, doubling your speed.
  • New mechanic: AOE Effect - AOE effect increases the sizes of blast attacks, orb ranges, and overlap attacks (aka melee hitboxes). Bang Snap has been reworked to give you +2 AOE effect instead of increasing the size of blast attacks by 2 meters. This means that Bang Snap is significantly more useful.
  • New mechanic: War Crimes - Various actions will cause you to commit a war crime, with your most recent one being tracked. These include using certain skills, using certain items, or killing mending cores, which specifically counts as killing medical personnel.
  • Nerfed Cracked Pest aoe and damage
  • Added configs for enemies
  • Added config presets that disable all items with certain item tags, namely unstable (lag and crashing), bullshit (extremely stupid items), and a few others I forgor about
  • Implemented unlocks for alt skills (most of them at least, we haven't finished them all). They can be disabled in the configs in order to not have to unlock the skill.
  • The void lunar tier is actually real now and has a custom background color in the logbook.
  • Same goes for the boss equipment tier.
  • With the proper implementation of the boss equip tier, Void Donut will no longer appear in the normal equipment pool. No more Void Donut from an equipment barrel for you!
  • Drastically increased measures against any slab revival. It will fucking stay dead. Fuck the slab.
  • Fixed some bugs here and there, probably.
  • Also probably some minor buffs and nerfs, maybe? I kinda forgor tbh.
  • Hello World now properly throws NREs every frame, instead of once every recalcstats
  • Monster's Visage now has a range indicator.
  • All items are now able to be disabled in the config.
  • Pretty sure Pale Ale is real now?
  • And more!
  • Download the fucking mod already jesus
  • Fun fact: 100% is extremely low. This is related to a secret somewhere, unless it was removed.
  • Suppressed the Cracked Emoji

1.1.1 Patch Notes

  • Added a new red item (Gabe's Shank)
  • Healing scrap is now actually reusable once per stage
  • Fixed a bug with Crowdfunder 2 where its downside applied once every frame instead of once every second.
  • Updated readme with images and shit.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Voidlingling and Void Donut to not appear in the logbook.
  • Buffed Cracked Pest and Voidlingling movement speed.
  • Suppressed the Cracked Emoji

1.1.0 Patch Notes - Wave 2: #GotceSWEEP

  • Added a bunch of new items, bringing the total up to 51!
  • Added Stage Transition Crits and FOV Crits.
  • Introduced 2 new enemies and 1 new boss (the new boss might not be properly implemented yet idk)
  • Updated nearly every icon!
  • Implemented placeholder item models until we make real models.
  • Removed the lunar slab (reroller) from the bazaar because I fucking hate it so much it is an atrocity of game design.
  • Suppressed the Cracked Emoji

1.0.3 Patch Notes

  • Fixed Formless Sand being in the White item pool.
  • Suppressed the Cracked Emoji

1.0.2 Patch Notes

  • Added new artifact (Artifact of Loader)
  • Buffed Spikestrip Chan NFT to give a +100% stat buff instead of +50%
  • Updated readme to contain a list of content
  • Fixed a bug where fall damage didn't exist.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Shrines of Blood and Void Cradles to be unusable.
  • Fixed an issue with Blood Gamble that caused it to constantly throw NREs.
  • Fixed Grandfather Clock's description
  • Artifact of Woolie now has an icon to show when it's disabled.
  • Suppressed the Cracked Emoji

1.0.1 Patch Notes

  • Fixed readme
  • Suppressed the Cracked Emoji

1.0.0 Patch Notes - Wave 1: Rise of The BALLS

  • The mod exists
  • Suppressed the Cracked Emoji

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

Upload date Version number Downloads Download link  
2023-11-15 1.3.3 2202 Version 1.3.3 Install
2023-11-7 1.3.2 1043 Version 1.3.2 Install
2023-7-19 1.3.1 3862 Version 1.3.1 Install
2023-7-19 1.3.0 238 Version 1.3.0 Install
2023-1-14 1.2.5 6931 Version 1.2.5 Install
2023-1-8 1.2.4 800 Version 1.2.4 Install
2023-1-2 1.2.3 768 Version 1.2.3 Install
2022-12-31 1.2.2 426 Version 1.2.2 Install
2022-12-31 1.2.1 64 Version 1.2.1 Install
2022-12-31 1.2.0 158 Version 1.2.0 Install
2022-10-24 1.1.1 1886 Version 1.1.1 Install
2022-10-24 1.1.0 163 Version 1.1.0 Install
2022-10-6 1.0.3 588 Version 1.0.3 Install
2022-10-5 1.0.2 147 Version 1.0.2 Install
2022-10-5 1.0.1 172 Version 1.0.1 Install
2022-10-5 1.0.0 82 Version 1.0.0 Install