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Show more item displays as you stack more items.

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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.3.1
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A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 2.5.14

Silly Items

Stack items when you stack items!

epic screenshot
Feel like a badass on your 20-round run before you obliterate yourself because you have work tomorrow.

cool stuff

Reach out to me on discord TheTimesweeper#5727 if you have any horrible crashes or other issues I didn't catch

or if you wanna send some screenshots c:

More I'd like to do:
- Create some Silly Item Display Rules for tweaks on how stacking behavior should be for certain items/characters.
- Generate default/random item display rules for characters and enemies that don't have them (though this may be its own mod (feel free to beat me to it)).

Plans (in order):
- Add config max so your game doesn't lag to fuck when you have 150 teddy bears (true story (shrine of order ftw))
- Make it work on Mul-T and Engi's turrets
- Make it work better on Mul-T and Engi's turrets
- Remove items when they're removed
- Fix limb attaching issue
- Make it work on Scavengers
- Make items hide so the sniper scope isn't covered by crowbars
- make it work on big moon guy


- made moonman spikes more spikey
- fixed an issue with stack limit not working when you tp

- updated for 1.0 (made it not required for multiplayer sync)

- made extra displays properly change materials when faded/stealthed/disappeared/etc.
- the big one point oh, baybee

- made it work on scavengers
- exposed Engi Turrets' stack distance and Scavengers' stack distance in config. Have fun!

- removed the apostrophe in my config section "hope you're having a wonderful day" that was destroying everything
- this meant resetting the config file to a new one. If you had your own settings, look for the duplicated file the old cfg it should still be there thanks thanks have a lovely evening

- fixed items attaching to wrong limbs. commandos with magazines rejoice!
- separated my code from the game's code by using events instead of running my code directly.
- This means hopefully if there's something wrong in my code the entire chain doesn't horribly explode

- fixed an error with custom items (sorry BitterestRoot we should be gucci now)

- removed items now get removed
- almost there bois

- fixed an issue that was breaking BiggerBazaar
- which spurred me to make my code more not retarded
- sorry and thanks c:

- oshitofuckoshitImSorry. there was a rare bug preventing Dio's from working. Pushed a fix.

- removed logs.

- fixed distance issue on engi's turrets and mul-t.
- changed default distance from 0.0369 to 0.0420. Feel free to update your config.

- now works on engi's turrets (worked on mul-t the whole time who knew)
- removed cheats that were conflicting with others' f-key keybinds

- fixed a small issue with itemLib
- learned how to make a config
- fixed some items scaling differently

- c:

may the day treat you well

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2020-9-23 1.1.0 21980 Install
2020-8-21 1.0.1 16629 Install
2020-5-5 1.0.0 9998 Install
2020-4-23 0.5.0 1720 Install
2019-12-16 0.4.1 10488 Install