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Stackable elite aspects with new effects. Highly Configurable.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

bbepis-BepInExPack-5.4.1903 icon

Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.4.1903
RiskofThunder-HookGenPatcher-1.2.3 icon

MMHOOK generation at runtime.

Preferred version: 1.2.3



Drop Rate from Killed Elites changed to 1 in 500.

Configurable drop chance multiplier for each elite type.

Drop chance is halved every time one drops in a run (0.2% -> 0.1%).

Changes the Elite Aspects into scalable Drop Only Boss Tier Items.

Aspects can be configured to be Red Tier or kept as Equipment.

Clicking the Equipment icon at the bottom-right of the screen will Convert it into an Item.

Item Changes:

Wake of Vultures lasts for 20 (+10 per stack) seconds and also gives a buff to stats on killing elites.

Transcendence grants 50% of life regeneration as shield regeneration.

Fixed VoidBearCooldown buff and made it stack.

Aspect Effects:


Survivors of the Void:


Monster leech multiplier : x5



Monster fury movement speed multiplier : x2

Monster endurance damage reduction multiplier : x0.5

Monster endurance plate layer count multiplier : x0.275

Monster endurance damage reduction and armor disabled with NemSpikeStrip

Stifle debuff changed from (-100% * buffCount) base damage to (-50% * SQRT(buffCount)) base damage

Elusive effect magnitude multiplier with NemSpikeStrip : x0.5

















Monster Bismuth health multiplier : x0.5

Monster Nocturnal OOD movement speed multiplier : x2

Monster Nocturnal OOD attack speed multiplier : x1.5





Monster Frenzied movement speed multiplier : x2.5

Monster Frenzied attack speed multiplier : x1.75

Monster Frenzied cooldown reduction multiplier : x1.25


Requires Bepinex and HookGenPatcher.

Use r2modman or place inside of Risk of Rain 2/Bepinex/Plugins/


Brazilian Portuguese translation by SpookyGabe#9476.

Korean translation by 깽비#8221.

Chinese translation by BTP-G and MushroomEl.


v2.7.38 - Update Chinese translation with more mod support by MushroomEl.

v2.7.37 - Fixed for latest update.

v2.7.36 - Added support for MoreElites. Some bugfixes.

v2.7.35 - Fixed possible NRE is mod setup. Added configs to hide aspect items and equipment from the logbook.

v2.7.34 - Fixed equipment conversion without username in chat message. Simplify shield conversion for improved mod compatibility. Updated Korean translation.

v2.7.33 - Fixed Equipment not applying elite displays.

v2.7.32 - Fixed NemRisingTides Aspects not being disabled if the mod isn't installed.

v2.7.31 - Update Chinese translation. Added support for NemRisingTides.

v2.7.30 - Added support for NemSpikeStrip, NemRisingTides support will be done later. Added extra configs for some SpikeStrip Elites. Config for WarpedElite : liftforce , alternate debuff that slows movement, acceleration and reduces jump power. Config for PlatedElite : multiplier for plating count, effect of stifle stacks on damage reduction. Config for VeiledElite : disable cloak on spawn. Fixed Disabled aspects not getting their deprecated tier assigned.

v2.7.29 - Added Chinese translation by BTP-G.

v2.7.28 - Added support for Realgar elites from RisingTides.

v2.7.27 - Added support for elites from RisingTides.

v2.7.26 - Prevent frost blades from procing themselves in certain situations.

v2.7.25 - Added support for elites from GOTCE and Thalassophobia.

v2.7.24 - Added Korean translation by 깽비#8221.

v2.7.23 - Fix NRE when handling buffs.

v2.7.22 - Fixed BlightedStateManager NRE.

v2.7.21 - Added BlightedElites support.

v2.7.20 - Update Brazilian Portuguese translation.

v2.7.19 - Added Brazilian Portuguese translation by SpookyGabe#9476.

v2.7.18 - WarframeWispMod Nullifier support. Updated SpikeStrip descriptions. BuffCycle tweaks and some bug fixes.

v2.7.17 - Updated SpikeStrip support.

v2.7.16 - Rewrite leech formula again, heal amount should scale more linearly with stacks. Reduce monster level flat health regeneration scaling from aspect effects.

v2.7.15 - Droplet machine broke. (it's fixed now)

v2.7.14 - Fixed drop chance not rolling on some bodies. Added support for AffixSepia from BubbetsItems.

v2.7.13 - Fixed flat health regeneration level scaling. Dodge chance configs for AffixHaunted. Use Shred when EliteReworks armor reduction is disabled.

v2.7.12 - Re-enabled Aetherium AffixSanguine support.

v2.7.11 - Fixed AspectAbilities compatibility and updated equipment effect descriptions.

v2.7.10 - Choose any aspect from an aspect command essence. Fixed VoidBearCooldown buff counter.

v2.7.9 - GoldenCoastPlus support. Reduced leech effectiveness from AffixEarth. Config to turn AffixVoid into a void item that converts other aspects.

v2.7.8 - Override AffixBlue damage in EliteReworks. Prevent HealOrb from gaining AffixEarth.

v2.7.7 - Overhaul internal description builder. Adjust description for latest EliteReworks. Basic SpikeStrip support.

v2.7.6 - Finally fixed item tiers?

v2.7.5 - Fixed for latest update.

v2.7.4 - Added Voidtouched Elite Support. Renamed burn damage configs. Fixed voidbearcooldown buff and made it stack. Drop weight multiplier configs for each elite type.

v2.7.3 - Re-enabled EliteReworks support and health bar color tweaks.

v2.7.2 - Added Mending Elite support. Fixed aspect burn damage to match description.

v2.7.1 - Fixed missing aspect item models. Logbook hides aspect item/equip if unobtainable.

v2.7.0 - Updated for latest game version. Still need to do new elite types.