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1.1.21 - slight fixes | A full port of ThinkInvisible's Ancient Scepter, complete with a custom model, item displays, and no extra dependencies.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

bbepis-BepInExPack-5.4.2103 icon

Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

Preferred version: 5.4.2103
tristanmcpherson-R2API-4.3.5 icon

A modding API for Risk of Rain 2

Preferred version: 4.3.5
RiskofThunder-R2API_Core-5.0.4 icon

Core R2API module

Preferred version: 5.0.4
RiskofThunder-R2API_ContentManagement-1.0.1 icon

API for adding content to the game

Preferred version: 1.0.1
RiskofThunder-R2API_DamageType-1.0.0 icon

API for registering damage types

Preferred version: 1.0.0
RiskofThunder-R2API_Items-1.0.1 icon

API for adding custom items

Preferred version: 1.0.1
RiskofThunder-R2API_Language-1.0.0 icon

API for modifying the language localisation of the game

Preferred version: 1.0.0
RiskofThunder-R2API_Orb-1.0.0 icon

API for creation and management of custom Orb types.

Preferred version: 1.0.0
RiskofThunder-R2API_Prefab-1.0.1 icon

API for Prefab creation, networking and duplication

Preferred version: 1.0.1


Standalone Ancient Scepter

github issues/request link discord invite

  • Adds the Ancient Scepter from Risk of Rain 1 as a standalone mod
  • Code is almost entirely by ThinkInvisible, this is merely a port of that, without the TILER2 dependency and with a custom model


Icon Skill
enter image description here <u>Commando</u>: Suppressive Fire > Death Blossom
2x shots, fire rate, and accuracy. 2x autoaim range, hold primary fire to fire normally
enter image description here Grenade > Carpet Bomb
0.5x damage, throw a spread of 8 at once
enter image description here <u>Huntress</u>: Arrow Rain > Burning Rain
1.5x duration and radius, burns
enter image description here Ballista > Rabauld
5 extra weaker projectiles per shot, for 2.5x TOTAL damage
enter image description here <u>Bandit</u>: Lights Out > Assassinate
2x bullets
enter image description here Desperado > Renegade
25% (+0.35% per token) chance to ricochet to another enemy on hit up to 8 times within 30m. -10% distance & damage per bounce. Unaffected by luck.
enter image description here <u>MUL-T</u>: Transport Mode > Breach Mode
0.5x incoming damage, 2x duration; after stopping, retaliate with a stunning explosion for 100% of unmodified damage taken
enter image description here <u>Engineer</u>: TR12 Gauss Auto-Turret > TR12-C Gauss Compact
+1 stock, +1 placed turret cap
enter image description here TR58 Carbonizer Turret > TR58-C Carbonizer Mini
+2 stock, +2 placed turret cap
enter image description here <u>Artificer</u>: Flamethrower > Dragon's Breath
hits leave lingering fire clouds
enter image description here Ion Surge > Antimatter Surge
2x damage, 4x radius
enter image description here <u>Mercenary</u>: Eviscerate > Massacre
2x duration, kills refresh duration [hold special to leave early]
enter image description here Slicing Winds > Gale-Force
4x stock and recharge speed, fires all charges at once
enter image description here <u>REX</u>: Tangling Growth > Chaotic Growth
2x radius, pulses additional random debuffs
enter image description here DIRECTIVE: Harvest > COMMAND: Reap
Spawns extra fruit that gives random buffs
enter image description here <u>Loader</u>: Charged Gauntlet > Megaton Gauntlet
2x damage and lunge speed, 7x knockback
enter image description here Thunder Gauntlet > Thundercrash
3x lightning bolts fired, cone AoE becomes sphere
enter image description here <u>Acrid</u>: Epidemic > Plague
victims become walking sources of Plague, chains infinitely
enter image description here <u>Captain</u>: Orbital Probe > 21-Probe Salute
1/3 damage, 7x shots, hold primary to fire continuously
enter image description here OGM-72 'DIABLO' Strike > PHN-8300 'Lilith' Strike
30s, 2x blast radius, 100,000% damage, blights everyone in line of sight
enter image description here <u>Heretic</u>: Nevermore (Special) > Perish Song
After 30 seconds, deals 5000% fatal damage to you and nearby enemies.
enter image description hereenter image description here <u>Railgunner</u>: Supercharge (Special) > Hypercharge
-20 armor on hit, +0.5 proc coefficient
enter image description hereenter image description here Cryocharge > Permafrosted Cryocharge
Explodes on contact with a frost blast, dealing 200% damage to all enemies within 6m. Slows on hit by 80% for 20 seconds.
enter image description hereenter image description here <u>Void Fiend</u>: Crush/Corrupted Crush -> Reclaimed Crush/Forfeited Crush
Also affects nearby enemies or allies within 25m. Corrupted Supress has +2 charges.

- Alloy Vulture: Windblade > Repeated Windblade (50% chance to fire twice)
- Aurelionite: Eye Laser > Piercing Eye Laser (Additional 35% of damage dealt pierces walls)

Implemented ModCompat

This refers to compatibility that's included just with this mod, and will not be an exhaustive list of every mod that implements this.


  • Mithrix Scepter
  • CaptainBustedAirstrike support:
    • Currently it uses the reduced cooldown from the standard alt airstrike.
  • Further improvements to scepters(?)
  • Fix Void Fiend's Scepter desyncing overrides if the Scepter is lost in corrupt mode
  • Transformation Notification shows before the pickup notification for the subsequent Scepter

For Devs

  • Adding a ScepterReplacer to a character that already has an existing ScepterReplacer for that slot and variant will replace it.
    • This change allows developers that modify or outright change existing skills to have their own Scepter skill for existing characters.
  • All icons for Scepter Skills in this mod are now publicly accessible. See the static class Assets.SpriteAssets.


  • ThinkInvisible 🐙 - Original code and implementation
  • DestroyedClone 🐙 - Porter, Maintainer
  • rob - Fixed code
  • bruh and redacted - Made the Scepter model
  • swuff 🐙 - Updated Textures, Consultation
  • QandQuestion - Lore
  • Moffein 🐙 - Consultation
  • Mico27 🐙 - Orb creation help
  • TheTimeSweeper 🐙 - UnusedMode, Alternate Item Model, Item Displays, Other help
  • /vm/ ⚡🐙 - Idea for Captain's Lilith Strike
  • Zenithrium 🐙 - Nemmando IDR
  • RandomlyAwesome 🐙 - BetterUI Compat Fix, Various Scepter Skill fixes




  • Better handling of broken defs from mods + logging
  • Added nullcheck to removeclassicitemsscepter method to try to fix out of range exception


  • Updated to latest libraries
  • ➕Added IDR to Nemesis Commando¹
  • 🛠️Make registration of scepter skills slot agnostic²
  • Adds an overload for RegisterScepterSkill that takes (replacementdef,bodyname,targetdef)²
  • 🛠️BetterUI Compat Fixed²
    • Now loads properly if BetterUI is not installed
    • Fixed BetterUI Mobile Turret compat
  • 🛠️Fixed scepter affecting skills that inherit from their targeted skillstate²
    • moved the responsibility of executing scepter skills from possession of the item to possession of the skilldef.
  • 😎Thanks to Zenithrium¹ and RandomlyAwesome² for changes
  • ➕Added config setting to show transformation notification on reroll
  • 🛠️Fixed Tinker's Satchel Mostly Tame Mimic from duplicating the item, causing a reroll if reroll was enabled.
  • 🛠️"COMMAND: Reap": Increased number of buff fruits from 1-8 to 2-10
  • 🛠️Updated readme to use tables for readability
  • ➕Added new icons for:
    • Captain: PHN-8300 ‘Lilith’ Strike
    • Commando: Death Blossom
    • Heretic: Perish Song
    • Mercenary: Massacre
    • Railgunner: Hypercharge
    • Railgunner: Permafrosted Cryocharge
    • REX: Chaotic Growth


  • 🛠️fixed BetterUI compat having issues when BetterUI isn't installed


  • 🛠️Updated for SOTV
    • Flamethrower: Copied updated IL code from ClassicItems
  • ➕New Config:
    • "Remove Classic Items' Ancient Scepter From Droplist": Enabled by default.
  • ➕Added Item Displays for Heretic, Railgunner, and Void FIend
  • ➕New Scepters (WIP)
    • Railgunner:
      • Supercharge -> Hypercharge: Permanently removes 10 armor, +0.5 proc coeff
      • Cryocharge -> Permafrosted Cryocharge: Slows on hit, ice explosion
    • Void Fiend
      • Crush -> Reclaimed Crush: Heals nearby allies within 25m
      • Corrupted Crush -> Reclaimed Crush (Corrupted): Damages nearby enemies within 25m. +2 stocks
  • BetterUI Compat
  • 🛠️Captain: PHN-8300 'Lilith' Strike
    • Reduced blight duration (30s -> 20s) and stacks (10 -> 5)


  • ➕Added new config setting: UnusedMode
    • Keep: Non-sceptered characters keep scepter when picked up
    • Reroll: Characters reroll according to the Reroll on pickup config
    • Metamorphosis: characters without scepter upgrades will not reroll if metamorphosis is active
      • Allowing you to play metamorphosis runs with sceptered characters
  • ➕Added alternate model
  • 🛠️Fixed the weird itemdef.modelpickupprefab warning thing
  • ➕Added item displays to Enforcer and Nemforcer


  • 🛠️Fixed Captain's Diablo Scepter Skill still inflicting Blight on allies when Captain Nuke Friendly Fire is disabled.
  • 🛠️Recategorized the config. Requires refreshing your config.


  • 🛠️Temporarily replaced the texture used for the glow on the Ancient Scepter to the purple fire texture used by the Ancient Wisp, while waiting on the next material fix.


  • 🛠️Config setting StridesTakesPrecedence changed to HeresyTakesPrecedence in accordance of RoR2 possessing more than one Heresy item
  • ➕Added configuration setting to blacklist AncientScepter from turrets, incorrectly causing the turrets to receive a reroll due to having no skill coded. (Disabled by default to maintain original behavior)
  • 🛠️Fixed Unity Error complaining about trying to register it to network despite missing a networkidentity
  • ➕Added configuration setting to Captain's Nuke skill whether or not it blights allies (Disabled by default)
  • 🛠️(For Devs) Adding a ScepterReplacer to a character that already has an existing ScepterReplacer for that slot and variant will replace it, instead of throwing an error.
    • This change allows developers that modify or outright change existing skills to have their own Scepter skill for existing characters.
  • 🛠️(For Devs) All icons for Scepter Skills in this mod are now publicly accessible. See the static class Assets.SpriteAssets.


  • 🛠️Restored the property accessor on the ItemDef of the ItemBase, which was preventing other mods from accessing the item properly.


  • ❌Blacklisted from being copied by TinkersSatchel's "Mostly-Tame Mimic" to prevent accidental rerolls.
  • 🛠️Merged config option to reroll duplicates into: Disabled, Random, and Scrap.
    • Scrap option allows extra to reroll into red scrap.
  • 🛠️Increased radius of Commando's "Death Blossom".
    • Holding down primary fire while using the skill switches back to the vanilla aim radius.
  • 🛠️Added option to Mercernary's "Massacre", allowing the user to exit early to prevent softlocks; especially with with SkillsPlusPlus.
    • Hold down your special ability to exit early.
  • ➕Added missing scepter skills for Captain's "Diablo Strike", Bandit's "Lights Out" and "Desperado", and Heretic's "Nevermore".
  • ➕Added new skills for Aurelionite's Laser, and Alloy Vulture's Windblade.
  • ➕Updated Assets and Lore
  • ➕Updated Readme
  • 🛠️Updated internal names to be more independent of ClassicItems


  • 🛠️Made ItemDef public so other mods can access it for their display rules


  • 🛠️Fixed for latest RoR2 version


  • 🛠️Fixed REX's upgrade not applying debuffs
  • 🛠️Fixed Captain's upgrade not having a skill icon
  • ➕Added item display for Bandit


  • Initial release

Available versions

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2023-1-16 1.1.21 10309 Version 1.1.21 Install
2023-1-14 1.1.2 1710 Version 1.1.2 Install
2022-5-15 1.1.1 43158 Version 1.1.1 Install
2022-4-24 1.1.0 10420 Version 1.1.0 Install
2022-1-19 1.0.9 20651 Version 1.0.9 Install
2022-1-2 1.0.8 7036 Version 1.0.8 Install
2021-12-5 1.0.7 7563 Version 1.0.7 Install
2021-12-5 1.0.6 606 Version 1.0.6 Install
2021-10-2 1.0.5 16305 Version 1.0.5 Install
2021-10-1 1.0.4 196 Version 1.0.4 Install
2021-4-18 1.0.3 25249 Version 1.0.3 Install
2021-4-13 1.0.2 3592 Version 1.0.2 Install
2021-2-26 1.0.1 17060 Version 1.0.1 Install
2021-2-25 1.0.0 755 Version 1.0.0 Install