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After investigating a mysterious message from Abyssal Depths, Captain is forever changed. (No longer deprecated!)

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Nobody asked for it, yet here it is! Hellfire Captain


Hell broke loose. After investigating a desperate voice message coming from the Abyssal Depths, Captain is forever changed.


Colors may vary in-game because of stage lightning and effects and stuff

Hellfire Captain

Welcome to DataScraper (v3.1.53 – beta branch) $ Scraping memory... done. $ Resolving... done. $ Combing for relevant data... done. Complete! Outputting local plain text transcriptions...

Day 0 We have landed a few minutes ago and I have no time I must log as quickly as possible I hope the speech-to-text works many died on impact inside hollow cavern chains great chains fire the ground they come from the ground the burning they breathe fire we are hiding beneath the caverns groans they coax metal from the surface with song giant snakes made of fire they collect the security chests the death god we are in hell here chains keeps the ground from splintering they breathe beneath and above and around us punishments it must be forgive me I cannot see too dark deep thunder goodbye.

The message appeared in a crew member's screen, who then played the file at moderate volume in the ship's control center. Sitting in the middle of the room, the Captain enunciates:

“A rescue mission?”

The old man approached the intern, scanning the file on his screen. His eyes paused on a collection of words near the bottom: Abyssal Depths Log.

“Much probably, sir.”

He continued to read the document. Giant snakes made of fire? Is that supposed to be a threat? As was one of the few surviving captains of the old colony ships, he knew nothing was match for him – and there were no exceptions.

“Anything else?”


“I better get going, I want hot worm for dinner.”

With a sigh, he stood up. His prosthetics tugged at his joints – despite being lighter than his original limbs, they always felt heavy.

“And let me guess - top secret, right?”


He gave out another sigh – they’re always top secret - but a small smile crept onto his face. He glanced up to his old radio helmet. He’s been bored anyways.

He was not expecting what he saw. Deeply lost in an enviroment where creatures have adapted to extreme conditions, his instinct for survival urged for adaptation, and so he did. Extracting power from the mysterious orange crystals, the old man managed to return back to the ship a month later, unrecognizable, as he now had the essence of the Abyssal Depths flowing inside him. Upon returning, everyone was surprised, and amidst all the cheering, the intern asked:

"What happened down there?"

To which he replied:

"Nothing at all."

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Most of the text above was adapted from Abyssal Depths Enviroment Log and Captains Lore.

How to Install

Just install through r2modman or 1 - Extract the "HellfireCaptain.dll" to your plugins folder 2 - ??? 2 - Unleash hell.


1.0.0 -Release

1.0.1 -Fixed Loadout name

1.1.0 -No longer using Ryan's Skin API. Loading time should be way faster and smoother.

1.1.1 -Fixed colors to match previous versions

1.2.1 -Updated

Available versions

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