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Yakuza Like A Dragon OST replacer.

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Unified BepInEx all-in-one modding pack - plugin framework, detour library

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This mod replaces the default music for menus, stages, and boss fights with tracks from Yakuza Like a Dragon. The modded music (46 tracks) comes from both the official and unreleased soundtracks for Yakuza Like a Dragon.

Credit to Kyle for his OriginalSoundtrack mod, which I used to make this.

# Menus #
Splash: SEGA Boot Up Logo 2017
Outro: Friendship
Intro: Fuon 3
Title: Rise from the Bottom
Lobby: Hello Work
Logbook: Ounabara Qualification School
Prismatic Trials Menu: Ichiban Holdings
Eclipse Menu: Dragon Kart

# Stages #
Distant Roost: Fuon 11
Titanic Plains: Fuon 12
Wetland Aspect: Apathy 8
Abandoned Aqueduct: Keikin Hanten
Rallypoint Delta: Omi Alliance ~Sneaking In~
Scorched Acres: Sub Kinpaku 2
Abyssal Depths: Careening into the Unknown
Siren's Call: Battle 2
Sundered Grove: Fuon 1
Sky Meadow: Assault on the Blue Dragon's Den
Commencement: Climb to the Zenith

# Special Stages #
Bazaar: A Light in the Tunnel
Bulwark's Ambry: Fuon 8
Void Fields: Fuon 7
A Moment, Fractured: Fuon 3
A Moment, Whole: Fiercest Warrior ver.7
Gilded Coast: Careening into the Unknown

# Boss Music (Varies by stage) #
Yokohama Encounter
Kamurocho Battle Theme
Massive Punks
A Powerful Foe ~Boss Fight~
Caught in the Spider's Web ~Geomijul~
Oriental Rush
Just like in the Arcades
Reji Ishioda Battle
Akira Mabuchi Battle
Omi Alliance ~Duel~
Jo Sawashiro Battle
Receive and Meet You
Receive You ~Dragon Reborn Arrange~
Overcoming The Dragon

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