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Re-colors every sprite to make the game more vibrant and have more personality (this is the official version)

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This mod requires the following mods to function

20MTDAssetReplacer-AssetReplacer-20.2.0 icon

Plugin to replace assets in 20 Minutes Till Dawn and support the creation of asset mods.

Preferred version: 20.2.0


Characters have full-color portraits and sprites. Enemies and bosses are re-colored.

Icons for upgrades/runes/tomes have been re-colored.

Projectiles and Visual-FX are re-colored and have some transparency.

This is the official version of this mod, all other versions are reuploads that weren't given permission to redistribute the mod.



  1. Install through Thunderstore
  2. Install like any Asset-Mods based on AssetReplacer
  3. See Configuration


  1. Install AssetReplacer
  2. Add this mod's textures to your BepInEx\plugins folder, in a folder called "Sprites-Reborn" (the archive is already set up to follow this structure).
  3. Edit the config for AssetReplacer: ´╗┐The file is here: 20MinuteTillDawn\BepInEx\config\AssetReplacer.cfg Change the TextureModFolder value to: Sprites-Reborn