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This lib provides useful feature to show some additional text in-game

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BepInEx pack for 20 Minutes Till Dawn.

Preferred version: 1.0.0


UtillI Library

A BepInEx library for 20 Minutes Till Dawn.


Offer a easy way for modders to display text during a game of 20MTD.

Create a Registration class

using UtillI;
public class ExampleRegistration : Registration
    public ExampleRegistration() : base(PanelPosition.BottomLeft) { }
    override public string GetUpdatedText()
        return "Some text";

For more example look at UtillI.Examples.

Register yourself

Simply register your instance of Registration to UtillIRegister:

using UtillI;
using UtillI.Examples;
UtillIRegister.Register(new ExampleRegistration());


This UI lib was originally inspired by the BetterUI mod of @sloverlord

For modders

  • Clone the repo
  • Open repo in VSCode
  • Setup $GameDir variable in UtillI.csproj
  • dotnet build to build and deploy mod
  • dotnet publish to publish a .zip file