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Automatically install maps.

Preferred version: 0.0.2


Welcome to Sydney Map!

This is a Sydney map for Cities Skylines 2. It's just for make the game funniest! Enjoy it!!

Use the Cities2Modding-MapInstaller-0.0.2 to automatically install the map!


Follow these steps bellow:

1)Download the map in the Thunderstore

2)In the Thunderstore go to the Settings in the left menu

3)Select the Locations tab

4)Click on "Browse profile folder"

5)In the new window that will appear, open the "BepInEx" folder

6)After that, open "plugins" folder

7)Open the "Sydney Map" folder

8)Copy the Sydney.cok and Sydney.cok.cid files inside the folder

9)After that, look for your User folder (Usually in C:/Users) and open that

10)In the top of the screen select the "View" tab

11)Mark the "Hidden Itens" box

12)Open your User Name folder (C:/Users/"YourUserName")

13)Open "AppData" folder, and after "LocalLow" folder

14) Open "Colossal Order" and "Cities Skylines II" folders

15)Open the "Maps" folder and the next folder with a number

16)Inside this "Number Folder" paste the files that you copied.