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Nambu MapPack

Maps that based off the cities in Northwest part of honshu island, japan.

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Nambu Map Pack

This Mappack's maps are based off Nambu Domain's Cities. There's currently three maps included.

  1. Mutsu City(Aomori Pref)
  2. Hachinohe City(Aomori Pref)
  3. Miyako City(Iwate Pref)


Mutsu City is the most notherenest City in the Honsyu island. Located in Aomori Pref.

Outside Connections

  • National Route 279(Road 2way 2lanes)
  • National Route 338(Road 2way 2lanes)
  • JR Ominato Line(Railroad)
  • 2 Seaways(Mutsu Bay)

Known Issues

This is my first map so this map may contain many bugs.


Hachinohe has currently largest constructable area so it's an easy map for city building!

Outside Connections

  • Sanriku Expressway
  • Hachinohe Expressway
  • 4 air connection
  • Aoimori Railway(Railroad)
  • JR Hachinohe Line(Railroad)
  • Seaways


Miyako has smallest constructable area in this mappack so it's hard and very challenging map!

Outside Connections

  • Sanriku Expressway
  • Yamada Expressway
  • 4 air connection
  • Sanriku Railway(Railroad)
  • JR Yamada Line(Railroad)
  • Seaway

Known Issue

River is flowing backward(I didn't know much on this water physics)