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Fort Bragg 1 to 1

Welcome to fort bragg California A detailers dream map

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Welcome to fort bragg California
A 1 to 1 recreation of, well, fort bragg

|| PLEASE READ || Due to the state of CS2 right now, the trees are very unoptimized Therefore this map might be laggy for a lot of people But that doesnt mean its not playable

Once our big update comes? I'm not sure what they are working on but Its big for sure this map will be playable for most people hopefully

|| Thanks for reading! ||

What the map has

It says 29% buildable area but its more like 60 or 70% (its bugged)

4 different starting areas!

651 km of farm land

847 kt of forest

174 kt of ore

67.8 kt of oil


1 train connection (you can make it 2)

4 plane connections

1 boat connection

1 high voltage connection (not connected but its near the starting area)

2 low voltage connections

3 2 lane highways connected

1 2 lane highway not connected