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Recording Creatures in VR

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CW // VR

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Second mod ever babyyyyy, though inferior to Lethal Company VR in every single way possible


Due to the nature of Content Warning, this mod can cause motion sickness!

Jumpscare The Creature

Ready to become SpöökFamous in VR? Well wait no more!

CW // VR (Content Warning // VR) is a mod for the game Content Warning that transforms it into a fully fledged 6DOF VR experience.

Just like my Lethal Company VR mod, CW // VR is powered by Unity's OpenXR plugin and is thereby compatible with a wide range of headsets, controllers and runtimes, like Oculus, Virtual Desktop, SteamVR and many more!

CW // VR is also compatible with multiplayer, both in lobbies with other VR players, other Non-VR players and even with other vanilla players (though they can't see hand movements). The host is not required to have the VR mod installed for other VR players in the lobby to see each other's hand movements.

Open Source

The source code for this mod is available on GitHub! Check it out: DaXcess/CWVR.


This mod is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPL-3.0). For mote info check LICENSE.

Verifying mod signature

If you don't care about this, skip this part.

CW // VR comes pre-packaged with a digital signature. You can use tools like GPG to verify the CWVR.dll.sig signature with the CWVR.dll plugin file.

The public key which can be used to verify the file is 9422426F6125277B82CC477DCF78CC72F0FD5EAD (OpenPGP Key Server).

Discord Server

We have a dedicated section within the Flat2VR Discord Server!

Look for the #cw-join channel to join the Content Warning VR section.

Configuring the mod

You can change the mod configuration from within the game itself. Just launch the game with the VR mod installed, get to the main menu, go to the settings and press "VR Settings". In here you can configure the VR mod to your liking.

You can change the settings mid-game, you do not have to restart or rejoin.


By default, the game only supports Oculus and Index controllers. If you are using any other type of controller, you can change the bindings in the Controls settings menu in the game settings.

For a list of default controls, check out the controls wiki page on Thunderstore.