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CultOfTheButtplug sex toy control mod for Cult of the Lamb

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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A library to easily interact with Cult of the Lamb

Preferred version: 0.1.24


Cult of the Buttplug (Cult of the Lamb Buttplug Mod)

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Cult of the Buttplug is a simple BepInEx based mod for Cult of the Lamb on PCs.

Note: While CotB may work in Proton environments, it has only been tested on Windows.


  • Vibrate on damage to Player
  • Vibrate on damage to Enemies
  • Allow Follower Interaction that causes vibration

As I am not sure anyone is actually going to use this mod, the feature list is short for the moment, but can easily be expanded. Let me know if there's more features you'd like to see!

Automated Installation

Installation is recommended via Thunderstore using r2modman, though the mod is also available at NexusMods.

Manual Installation

  • Install BepInEx for CotL
  • Install COTL API
  • Download the Cult Of the Buttplug Mod zip from our Releases page or Thunderstore/Nexus
  • Unzip the downloaded file and copy the CultOfTheButtplug directory (the directory itself, not just the files in it) to the plugins directory of your CotL BepInEx installation.