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Cult of QoL Collection

Collect tithe/inspire all at once, game speed manipulation, skip intros, speed up collections, cheese fishing mini-game....and more.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

BepInEx-BepInExPack_CultOfTheLamb-5.4.2101 icon

BepInEx pack for Cult of the Lamb. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.2101
p1xel8ted-BepInEx_Configuration_Manager-18.2.1 icon

Provides a configuration interface for BepInEx plugins.

Preferred version: 18.2.1


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Cult of QoL - A Collection

  • Removes intros.
  • Cheese the fishing mini-game. (No need to press anything apart from the initial cast). The reeling UI is also hidden. Compatible with Auto-Fish accessability settings.
  • Remove extra buttons from main menu and pause menus. (Discord, bug report, Twitch etc.)
  • Collect tithes/inspire all at once (unless they're in prison, sleeping, using the bathroom or dissenting.)
  • Reverse the damage change to the golden fleece introduced in 1.0.13.
  • Double the rate the damage increases with the golden fleece.
  • Halves (where possible) the cost of refining goods. Gets rounded up. i.e. something that costs 3 originally ends up being 2. Something that costs 10, becomes 5.
  • Cure illness/exhaustion when a follower gains loyalty (the floaty white eyes thing).
  • Unlock pre-order DLC and Twitch drops 1 to 7.
  • You can now collect tithe from the oldies.
  • Increase silo/fertilizer capacity to 32.
  • Increase collection speed from certain structures (shrines, beds, chest near main portal, windmill(?))
  • Turn off propaganda speakers of a night.
  • Make the days longer. The default is 2x, and that already feels long.
  • Manipulate game speed, or halt it. Not to be confused with day length, this makes EVERYTHING faster.). Left/Right arrow keys to change, default speed is the up key.
  • Disable game over mechanic.
  • Multiple tarot rare draw chance multiplier by 3 (goes from around 20% to 60%).
  • Lumber/stone mines life span can be increased by 50%, 100% or unlimited.
  • Receive a notification when one of the scarecrows catches a bird.
  • "Heal" exhausted followers in the healing bays.
  • Make lumber/mine/farm/refinery chests auto loot when nearby (like the chest near the main portal).
  • Swap out follower necklaces.
  • Receive notification when structures that use fuel run out.
  • Modify run, dodge, and lunge speed.
  • Modify base damage dealt.
  • Receive notification when a bed has collapsed.
  • Skip receive crown video.
  • Mass collect resources from select structures. WIP*
  • Remove New Game button when you have at least one save game.
  • Enable Save on exit when quitting. UI is modified to reflect this.
  • Quick save keybind to save whenever you want.
  • Reworked weather mod to work with the new weather system in game.
  • Few developer orientated changes to reduce junk log spam from the game.
  • Disable the new ads and developer/publisher logos on the main menu.
  • Customizable UI scale.
  • Adjustments to the mass-bless/bribe etc. Still a little wonky, but better than before.
  • Support for modifying settings in game via the mod menu if have the API installed.
  • Load straight into a specified save game after menu splash.
  • And much more....

Each mod can be enabled/disabled individually from within the config. There might be stuff I've missed.


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  • The configuration file is generated when you first run the game with the mod enabled. It can be found in the "...\Cult of the Lamb\BepInEx\config" folder.
  • Press F1 in game to open the configuration manager.