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DSP Console extention,修改物品堆叠倍率,修改研究速度倍率,修改元数据统计倍率,允许成就上传,屏蔽异常检测,解锁初期科技快速开局,Set storage stack size ratio, Set research speed ratio,Set MetaData ratio,Enable achievement,Disable abnormal check,Unlock required techs for easy startup

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DSPConsole extention

1:设置物品堆叠倍率为 10。Set storage stack size ratio to 10

2:设置研究速度倍率为10。Set research speed ratio to 10(each level will increase 1000% research speed)

3:设置元数据统计倍率为10。Set MetaData ratio to 10

4:允许成就上传。Enable achievement

5:屏蔽异常检测。Disable abnormal check

6:添加轻松开局开关(默认未开启),设置后在解锁电磁学时将同步解锁宇宙探索到Max,通讯控制Max,机械骨骼Max,无人机引擎lv5,蓝图Max,能量回路Lv1,驱动引擎Lv2,如果背包中有钛矿则同时解锁行星物流,如果钛矿数量为99则解锁全部科技。Add configuration for easy-startup mode(default is off).If enabled,will unlock Universe Exploration to max,Mecha Core to lv5,Mechanical Frame to max,Communication Control to lv6,Mass Construction to max,Energy Circuit to lv1,Drone Engine to lv5,Drive Engine to lv2.If inventory has titanium, will also unlock Planetary Logistics System.If titanium cout is 99, will also unlock all tech