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An Enter the Gungeon mod that provides optional permanent perks for completing various milestones.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

BepInEx-BepInExPack_EtG-5.4.2101 icon

BepInEx pack for Enter the Gungeon. Preconfigured and includes unstripped Unity DLLs.

Preferred version: 5.4.2101
MtG_API-Mod_the_Gungeon_API-1.7.0 icon

Adds the good parts of Mod the Gungeon to BepInEx.

Preferred version: 1.7.0
Alexandria-Alexandria-0.4.0 icon

A combination of old and new APIs, and new tools for the convenience of modders.

Preferred version: 0.4.0
CaptainPretzel-Gunfig-1.0.3 icon

A menu API for modded Gungeon

Preferred version: 1.0.3



An Enter the Gungeon mod that provides optional permanent perks for completing various milestones.
Accessed through the Options menu under MOD CONFIG. Locked perks are in grey and describe what's needed to unlock them. Restart Enter the Gungeon to update your menu and make any newly unlocked perks available. Colored perk titles and descriptions mean that they are at the highest perk level while perks with colored titles and white descriptions have higher levels available. All perks come with a Vanilla option to turn them off if desired.

This mod is not designed to work with the similar Pushing the Limits mod but they can likely work together if you're not using conflicting option selections.


  • The Pilot's Affinity

    • Kill the Pilot's Past.
      • More Mimics - Mimic chests spawn an additive 10% of the time.
  • The Marine's Affinity

    • Kill the Marine's Past.
      • Increases ammo drop chance by a multiplicative 125%
  • The Convict's Affinity

    • Kill the Convict's Past.
      • Bosses drop 1 additional base Hegemony.
  • The Hunter's Affinity

    • Kill the Hunter's Past.
      • Incremental room reward chance increased by 2%
  • The Bullet's Affinity

    • Kill the Bullet's Past.
      • Picking up health or armor removes 1 curse point one time per run.
      • Start with 1 coolness.
  • The Robot's Affinity

    • Kill the Robot's Past.
      • Start with 1 additional point of armor.
  • The Paradox's Affinity

    • Kill the Paradox's Past.
      • Glitch chest appearance rate increased to 0.6%
  • The Slinger's Affinity

    • Kill the Slinger's Past.
      • Steal back some Hegemony from The Paradox and The Slinger on the character select screen.
  • The Cultist's Affinity

    • Complete a Co-op Run.
      • Spawn a duplicate chest at the start of Co-op Mode.
  • The Gungeon's Affinity

    • Complete the major Gungeon run enders.
      • Start with a free chest from D to B rank depending on how deep you've completed.
  • Bowler's Affinity

    • Complete a Rainbow Run.
      • Your initial chest has multiple options.
  • Frifle and Mauser's Affinity

    • Complete hunts.
      • Magnificence reroll chance reduced to a minimum of 30%/40%/50%/70%
  • Sorceress's Affinity

    • Complete a Blessed Run.
      • Synergy chests have an 80% chance of success.
  • Tinker's Affinity

    • Build Elevator Shortcuts.
      • Synergy Factor becomes increasingly more powerful making it more easy to find synergies.
  • Tonic's Affinity

    • Complete a Turbo Run.
      • Synergy chests are no longer guaranteed to have a fuse.
        • Have at least 500 Hegemony, and double dodge roll (if you feel like it).
          • Super Tonic unlocked.
  • Advanced Dragun's Affinity

    • Kill the Advanced Dragun.
      • Synergy chests have an 10% chance to spawn.
  • The Gundead's Affinity

    • Complete the Ammonomicon.
      • Regular enemies have health bars.
  • The Bosses' Affinity

    • Complete a Boss Rush.
      • Boss DPS Cap increased by 25%
  • Resourceful Rat's Affinity

    • Kill the Resourceful Rat.
      • The Resourceful Rat will leave your items alone.