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Little Guy Companion

Adds a new companion item, as well as a fully-fledged new friend!

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Adds the good parts of Mod the Gungeon to BepInEx.

Preferred version: 1.7.2


The Little Guy Companion Mod


Hello and welcome to the Little Guy cult, er, modpage!

This mod adds a new "A" tier passive item (the "Strange Root") that spawns a lovable, fully animated little companion/living, breathing pack mule: the Little Guy!

He is sworn to carry your burdens! That means your active items, and any other junk he finds on the way. Sometimes he might even dig through his rucksack and find a brand new active item to add to your collection! In clearer words, he will:

  • Increase your Active Item capacity by 2, allowing you to carry 3 active items on most characters.
  • Periodically create a random Active Item upon room completion (with chances varying depending on the tier).
  • The odds are not fully random: if your active item reward rolls are consistently failing, the odds will increase and make it more likely for you to get an item.
  • Make your run more focused around using and switching active items, giving you constant new choices to replace your existing Active Items in favour of more useful ones!
  • Be a friend to keep you company, with silly custom animations and even appearing in the bosscards alongside you! Beware, however... someone or something else appears to have snuck into the Gungeon together with him.

This mod is also particularly useful if you use many mods that add active items, as it'll allow them to be better showcased without the fear of wasting keys for active items you'll just have to replace.

The command to get the item is give lg:strange_root

A Big Thanks to:

  • Lynceus and SpecialAPI: It's us! Lynceus did the spriting and descriptions, and SpecialAPI did the coding!
  • Skilotar, qaday123, NeverNamed, Dallan - For getting me (Lynceus) into modding, for all the help with me learning the ropes, and for being cool guys.
  • So many other friends I'd love to mention! You know who you are and you guys are awesome!
  • Everybody in the EtG Modding Discord server - It's so cool in there that smoking cigarettes is no more!
  • You - For reading this sappy description and for (potentially) downloading this mod!