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The Banker Custom Character

Adds the Banker, a character whose health is tied to his wealth; and also adds three custom items.

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Adds the good parts of Mod the Gungeon to BepInEx.

Preferred version: 1.7.2
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EtG mod that allows you to create and share custom characters with friends!

Preferred version: 2.2.4


Love is a beautiful thing... why should love for money be any different?

Introducing the Banker, a character with custom items centered around casings! An old and wearied man with a heart quite literally made of gold, his health is directly based upon the amount of casings he holds! For every 40 casings, the Banker gets half a heart, and upon taking damage, he instantly loses 40 casings as well as said half heart. But worry not, for not only do you get a hefty shop discount to make up for purchases literally costing his life, but taking damage also drops 7 of the lost casings to be collected before they disappear, and collecting any casings, whether dropped from you or your enemies, will increase your starter weapon's damage until you enter a new room! This is most noticeable when collecting high-value casings.


Three brand new custom items:

  • Heart of Gold, a starting item for the Banker which grants you 120 casings, makes it so you have a half heart for every 40 casings, and makes so losing health takes away your casings in turn.
  • Interest Gun, a starter weapon for the Banker, that becomes more powerful with the more casings you collect, but resets its stats upon entering new rooms.
  • Interest Bullets, a B Tier item unlocked by beating the Dragun with the Banker, and makes so every gun grows in power with casings collected in a room until you enter the next.

The Banker Custom Character:

  • Starts with an infinite ammunition Interest Gun and the Heart of Gold.
  • Begins with 120 casings, equating to 3 half-hearts of health; as well as a piece of armour.
  • Enemies drop 20% more money!
  • Custom sprites, with both armoured and unarmoured states, punchout, bosscard, and foyercard, with a stereotypical "old banker" aesthetic.


SpecialAPI and Lynceus - It's us! SpecialAPI made all the code magic, while Lynceus did sprites and descriptions.

qaday123, NeverNamed, Dallan - For getting me (Lynceus) into modding, for all the help with me learning the ropes, and for being cool guys.

Everybody in the EtG Modding Discord server - It's so cool in there that twelve items are dropping after each room completion!

You - For reading this sappy description and for (potentially) downloading this mod!