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Modify the position, rotation, and scale of gear parts

By Frog
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  • Display modified gear in first person, third person, and icons
  • Modify the position, scale, and rotation of gear parts and their children
  • Enable and disable gear parts and their children
  • Modify nested children


  • Hide a part's parent model without hiding it's children
  • Change the reticle assigned to a sight part
  • Change the tracer assigned to a front part
  • Add or remove child objects to a gear part
  • Import custom graphic for gear icon

Example usage


  • OfflineID - Int: References the persistent ID of a weapon in player offline
  • Name - String: Internal name for your customization settings
  • Parts - list: List of parts to modify
  • PartHolderObject - String: Name of the object to modify in gear part holder
  • PartType - Int: Index of the component to modify from player offline; overridden by PartHolderObject

Note: Part type is only required if PartHolderObject is unset. You only need one or the other

  • Enabled - bool: Set the part or child to active or inactive (visible or invisible)
  • LocalPosition - vector3: Relative position of a part or child
  • Scale - vector3: Relative scale of a part or child
  • Rotation - vector3: Relative angle of a part or child
  • Children - list: List of child objects to modify
  • ChildName - string: object name of the child to modify

Note: Child object names can be found through GearPartHolder in unity explorer. Usage of unity explorer is highly recommended to determine the ideal settings to use