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CUI-Based Utility Plugin for Rundown Developers

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DISCLAIMER: This mod only work if all player in lobby using this mod! You cannot join normal lobbies with this mod!

Development Console Command Tool for Rundown Devs!


  • Allow Force drop when you are host whatever teammate is ready or not
  • Allow swap weapon in lobby menu while in-game
  • Fast Elevator & Timescale on startup (Configurable)
  • Built-in Screen Skipper Feature (Configurable)
  • Silent Elevator when Timescale is set or Fast Elevator is set


  • (~) Open Console (Configurable)
  • (\) Open Compact Console
  • (Tab) Auto Complete Command
  • (UpArrow) Auto Complete / Browse Command History
  • (DownArrow) Auto Complete / Browse Command History
  • (F1) Freecam (press T to teleport)
  • (F2) Location Info Menu
  • (F3) Resource Menu
  • (F4) FPS Weapon Inspector
  • (F5) [Only on First Startup] - Restore to latest expedition you dropped
  • (F6) Fog Editor
  • (Insert) - Weapon Builder Menu



 - Cls | Clear the Console Screen
 - Help | Show information about command/hotkeys [Usage: 'Help <cmd/key>']


 - EnemyDetection | Toggle the enemy detection [Usage: 'EnemyDetection [true/false]']
 - KillEnemies | Kill reachable enemies
 - MarkEnemies | Mark reachable enemies [Usage: 'MarkEnemies [true/false]']
 - ShutUpSpitter | SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FUCKING WALKSACKS [Usage: 'ShutUpSpitter [true/false]']
 - SpawnEnemy | Spawn Enemy on your crosshair by their EnemyID/Name [Usage: 'SpawnEnemy <Enemy ID/Enemy Name> [-scout / -hunter]']


 - FastElevator | Toggle Fast Elevator [Usage: 'FastElevator [true/false]']
 - TimeScale | Change the timescale of the game [Usage: 'TimeScale <scale>']


 - DataBlockList | List the specified datablock [Usage: 'DataBlockList <DataBlock Name> [Name filter]']
 - EnemyList | List out Enemies in game
 - ItemList | List the item ids [Usage: 'ItemList <All/Consumable/Pickup/BigPickup/Resource/Tool>']


 - GiveGear | Equip Gear from gear offline id [Usage: 'GiveGear <playeroffline gear id>']
 - GiveItem | Equip Item from item id [Usage: 'GiveItem <item id>']
 - Ammo | Give Full Ammo
 - Disinfect | Fully Disinfect
 - Health | Give Full Health


 - God | Ignore all damage [Usage: 'God [true/false]']
 - IgnoreInfection | Ignore the Infection System [Usage: 'IgnoreInfection [true/false]']
 - IgnoreKnockback | Toggle Ignoring Knockback (or EEC Grapple) effect? [Usage: 'IgnoreKnockback [true/false]']
 - InfiniteClip | Toggle Weapon Clip to be infinite (pull directly from ammo) [Usage: 'InfiniteClip [true/false]']
 - InstantScan | Toggle Instant Scan
 - OneHitKill | Toggle One Hit Kill [Usage: 'OneHitKill [true/false]']
 - ReviveSelf | Revive Self
 - SpawnTripmine | Spawn Tripmine in crosshair [Usage: 'SpawnTripmine [Explosive/Glue/Consumable]']
 - Stamina | Toggle Stamina System [Usage: 'Stamina [true/false]']
 - Suicide | Suicide


 - Freecam | sv_cheats 1;freecam
 - FullBright | Toggle FullBright
 - Noclip | sv_cheats 1;noclip
 - RevealMap | Reveal Map [Usage: 'RevealMap [-outline / If set: it will only show outline of the map, not the full items]']
 - TP | Teleport! [Usage: 'TP <[Target Item Terminal Name] / [Player Slot (0-3)]>']
 - Turbine | Toggle Mobile Fog Turbine


 - List | Show Terminal Items [Usage: 'List <filter1> [filter2] [filter3] ...']
 - Ping | Trigger Ping for Terminal Item [Usage: 'Ping <Terminal Item Name>']
 - Query | Get Detailed Information of Terminal Item [Usage: 'Query <Terminal Item Name>']


 - CompleteObjective | Complete Layer Objective [Usage: 'CompleteObjective <Layer>']
 - ExecuteEvents | Execute WardenObjective Events (Not Network Synced) [Usage: 'ExecuteEvents <Layer Type> <Activate/GotoWin> [Activate EventBreak Index (0~n)]']


 - Reactor_Select | Select Reactor before using 'reactor_' cheats [Usage: 'Reactor_Select <Reactor Name (ie: REACTOR_111)>']
 - Reactor_Codes | Dump all Reactor codes
 - Reactor_Jumptowave | Jump to specific Reactor wave [Usage: 'Reactor_Jumptowave <Wave>'] [HOST ONLY]
 - Reactor_SetIdle | Set Reactor State to Idle [HOST ONLY]


 - Search | Search for objects in level by it's name [Usage: 'Search <Substring>']
 - SearchClear | Clear all marker spawned by Search Command
 - SearchEnemy | Search for Specific Enemy type in level [Usage: 'SearchEnemy <Enemy ID/Enemy Name>']
 - SearchItem | Search for Item in Level by id [Usage: 'SearchItem <Item ID>']
 - SearchObjective | Search for Objective Item in Layer [Usage: 'SearchObjective <Layer Type>']
 - SearchProgression | Search for Progression Objects (Key/Cell/Generator/Turbine/Bulkhead) in level [Usage: 'SearchProgression [-withdoor]']
 - SearchTerminal | Search for Terminals in level


 - PlaySound | Play Sound in Player Position [Usage: 'PlaySound <Sound ID / Name>']


 - Alias | Set Alias for Command(s) [Usage: 'Alias <Alias name> [Alias commands (Split by ';')]']
 - Bind | Bind Keyboard key with command [Usage: 'Bind <KeyCode> <command line>']
 - Loop | Loop specified command line with given delay [Usage: 'Loop <count> <ms delay> <"command line">']
 - Unbind | Unbind Keyboard key with command [Usage: 'Unbind <KeyCode>']


 - ListWave | List Every active Survival Wave [Usage: 'ListWave'] [HOST ONLY]
 - StartWave | Trigger Survival Wave (Related to Players room) [Usage: 'StartWave <wave setting id> <wave population id>'] [HOST ONLY]
 - StopAllWave | Stop all Survival Wave [HOST ONLY]
 - StopWave | Stop Specific Survival Wave [Usage: 'StopWave <Wave ID (can be found using ListWave)>'] [HOST ONLY]


 - BreakDoor | Break Door (Or even Closing Security Door) in your crosshair
 - BreakLock | Break Lock in your crosshair
 - Checkpoint | Checkpoint Reached! [HOST ONLY]
 - InsertBulkheadKey | Insert Bulkhead Key to DC in crosshair
 - InsertCell | Insert Powercell to Generator in crosshair
 - JumpDimension | Jump to specified Dimension [Usage: 'JumpDimension <Dimension Index>']
 - Open | Open Door/Locker in your crosshair
 - OpenAll | Open All Door/Locker in Level [Usage: 'OpenAll <door/weakdoor/secdoor/locker/all>']
 - SetFog | Set Fog Setting [Usage: 'SetFog <FogDataID>']
 - SetLight | Locally change the Light settings in current zone [Usage: 'SetLight <Light Settings ID>']
 - SetTerminalState | Change the Terminal State in crosshair [Usage: 'SetTerminalState <TERM_State ID or name>']
 - Unlock | Unlock Door/Locker in your crosshair
 - UnlockAll | Unlock All Door/Locker in Level [Usage: 'UnlockAll <door/weakdoor/secdoor/locker/all>']
 - UnlockTerminal | Unlock Password Locked Terminal in crosshair


 - NavGizmo | Toggle Visibility of NavMesh and Off-Links