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Arsenality DuoMode

You get bored with default 'GTFO' weapons? Get more firearms with 'ARSENALITY GUNPACK'!

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This mod requires the following mods to function

BepInEx-BepInExPack_GTFO-1.5.0 icon

BepInEx pack for GTFO. Preconfigured and includes Unity Base DLLs.

Preferred version: 1.5.0
dakkhuza-MTFO-4.6.0 icon

The premier in GTFO DataBlock editing ;^)

Preferred version: 4.6.0
Frog-GearPartCustomization-1.3.3 icon

Modify the position, rotation, and scale of gear parts

Preferred version: 1.3.3
DacreDOLOLO-WeaponStatShower-1.4.0 icon

Shows the stat of the weapons, compatible with WeaponCustomizer

Preferred version: 1.4.0
Frog-SilencedWeapons-1.1.5 icon

Customizable silenced weapons - Bugfix for waking up through zone doors

Preferred version: 1.1.5


Arsenality GunPack V1.0.0 FINAL

*List of all firearms

  1. Mozzie M4A1 (M4A1 analog)
  2. Bataldo K103 Custom (AK-103 analog)
  3. Accrat PSH-84 (PPsh-41 analog)
  4. Van SIG 5.56 (SIG SAUER 556 analog)
  5. Hanaway VSS (VSS/Vintorez analog)
  6. Shelling Impaler (Deagle with extended barrel, analog)
  7. Shelling G6 (Glock G17 analog)
  8. Accrat MPX (SIG MPX analog)
  9. Agir PR 9 (Just a sister the KONIG)
  10. Bataldo Tactical 12G (SAIGA-12 analog)
  11. Railchester 308 (Railgun)
  12. Veruta M249 (M249 real gun)
  13. Accrat Chi-na 97 (China Version Type-97)
  14. Bataldo AVL-74u (AKS-74u)
  15. Vector M25 (KRISS Vector analog)
  16. Accrat Scorpio 71 (Scorpion Vz61, old version)
  17. Hanaway F1 (FAMAS F1 burst)
  18. Buckland DB2 (Double Bared Shotgun (Short Version))
  19. Bataldo Peacekeeper (IT'S HIGH NOON!)
  20. Malatack MT47 (AK47 GTFO ver.)
  21. Drekker Wesker's Kiss (Headshot Machine)
  22. Raptus Yusuf Amir (Yusuf Be Like my FRIEND!)
  23. Kaiser PR 7 Light Sniper (Loli Sniper xD)
  24. Mozzie HC308 (High Caliber Rifle)
  25. Mozzie Mark II (Mozzie M4A1 Mark II)
  26. Bataldo Nait 25G (Shotgun AA12 GTFO ver.)
  27. Hanaway Zeppelin GZ-14 (GTFO DMR.)
  28. Accrat Storm-14 (Groza OTs-14.)
  29. Techman PTP 50 (Russian "PKP Pecheneg" Analog)
  30. Bataldo AVL-12K (AK-12 Analog)
  31. Omneco MG 6.45mm (Minigun GTFO ver.)
  32. Accrat Golok MKII (Golok Da Mark II)
  33. Techman HK2K16 (SCAR-H analog)
  34. BUCKLAND M90 SUPER (BENELLI M90 SUPER gtfo ver.)
  35. Adler Endweser (Hel Machinegun / New Firearms Company "Adler")
  36. Adler Höllenhund (Burst Shotgun)
  37. Adler Nacht-Albtraum (Adler Dupler System)
  38. Adler Parseval Z-35 (Adler Dupler System bullet outflow!)
  39. Anarchic Demon-Eye DE-30 (Heavy DMR "Demon Eye".)
  40. Anarchic Devil-Eye DE-10 (Heavy Shotgun "Devil Eye")
  41. Anarchic BFMG-50 (Barrett Short version)
  42. Anarchic FR-35 (SMG with Fast Reload)
  43. Vector MK II (Heavy SMG+)
  44. Melee NANO BLADE. (Genji be like!)
  45. Draco Judge-M75 (New Company Burst Firearms:"Draco")
  46. Draco Stardust-R33
  47. Draco 'NO DATA' D300 (Data has been encrypted)
  48. Shelling S1 (Silenced Pistol)
  49. Draco Basilisk (Shotgun)
  50. Draco Derya M5 (Full-Auto Shotgun with low recoil)
  51. Draco Maestro MG-8 (Bullpup MachineGun)
  52. Van SIG MK-II
  53. Teklowka TEC-9
  54. Adler BOSG (Like R6S)
  55. Anarchic Revellious Eye
  56. Omneco Helldriver
  57. Van Auken MK-II

*Mods already inside!

  1. Stntry_gun_upgrade V0.0.8! (https://gtfo.thunderstore.io/package/Gagantawarindustry/Stntry_gun_upgrade/)
  2. MakeSniperGreatAgain (https://gtfo.thunderstore.io/package/hirnukuono/MakeSniperGreatAgain/)

All Arsenality Modes

  1. Solo Mode (https://gtfo.thunderstore.io/package/W33B_x_GregSlythe/Arsenality_SoloMode/)
  2. Duo Mode (https://gtfo.thunderstore.io/package/W33B_x_GregSlythe/Arsenality_DuoMode/)
  3. Trio Mode (https://gtfo.thunderstore.io/package/W33B_x_GregSlythe/Arsenality_TrioMode/)
  4. Quad Mode (https://gtfo.thunderstore.io/package/W33B/Arsenality/)

End of Development (Only life support)