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ping FOG_REPELLER_4_666

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adds consumables (fog repellers etc) to terminals.

also runs a loop every 10 seconds where resourcepack current position is updated to terminals, so move that ammopack from zone x to zone y, terminals will show correct position and ping them accordingly (from the same zone)

for rundown developers: edit your itemdatablock on whether to register items to terminals or not. vanilla sets most consumable items as true.

can be configured to NOT add consumables on terminals, just run the resource pack position fix.



consumables that have been picked up from the world now get removed from the terminal lists. we want no ghost items that ghost-ping to empty boxes after someone already took the item.


lg_computerterminalcommandinterpreter.query is patched. works.


hotfix3, all consumables get a serial number now regardless of what itemdatablock says. name conflicts. also i am aware that items cannot be queried, only pinged and listed. will do my best to fix it asap.


hotfix2, LONG_RANGE_FLASHLIGHT_3_666 is too long a word. made a specific fix to show it as LRF_3_xxx.


hotfix for empty item names in itemdatablock (public name is formatted and used)