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Funky Supermarket Day

A TNH map set in a supermarket with some funky music!

By Marcel
Last updated 2 years ago
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WurstMod is a custom level loading framework

Preferred version: 2.2.0


Funky Supermarket Day

My very first map, set in a supermarket in broad daylight.

Funky Supermarket contains some royalty free music by Kevin MacLeod

Features 11 supply and 7 hold points.

Let me know if you have any issues/ideas.

Thanks and have fun playing


Deli 0.4.1 Wurstmod 2.2.1


Version 1.5: -massive performance improvement -more glowing bits -not a single mesh collider anymore

Version 1.4: -Moved to Deli 0.3 -Added missing colliders -Improved lighting a bit -combined some meshes for better performance

Version 1.3: -added a bit more cover -reworked emissive maps, more glowy bits -completely reworked the frozen section -overhauled layout in some other areas -Added 2 new supply and 1 new hold point -properly rotated the defender orientations, blame jedi

Version 1.2.1 Hotfix: -fixed a stuck encryption -fixed game crashes when switching from funky to normal and vice versa -fixed sosig pathing during one of the holds -MOAR FUNKY (funky only)

Version 1.2 Changelog:

-removed one supply point -fixed the bathroom/storeroom, walls now work like walls should -Added reverb environments -Fixed floating barriers during holds -Fixed shrunk shelves (How did noone notice these?) -Reduced number of colliders by a few hundred -Holds FINALLY work like they should -Spawn locations are now a bit safer, I hope -Added a few objects to add cover, nothing much tho tbh -MORE FUNKY (funky only)