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Argus Lever Action Shotgun

Shoutout to Omega115, this one's for you bud!

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A whole new loader

Preferred version: 1.3.0
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The Argus Lever Action Shotgun

A few members of the Homebrew were hoping for this legendary shotgun to exist, and thanks to OpenScripts2, it now does! A tricky combination of manips and the break open trigger script help emulate this shotgun as close to the source material as possible.

The ergonomics of this gun may as well be like a pump action as contracting and straightening either arm can cycle the gun. The cycling is made to be as easy as possible, to help with the chore of handling the lid.

The lid itself cannot be grabbed and the lever action cannot be flipped, both due to the limitations of the Open Trigger script. With custom code does come compromises, but I am still stoked to bring this gun to life nonetheless.


The Argus comes equipped with foldable rear sights. The container holding the magazine will rotate as you cycle the gun.

Picatinny and Muzzle mounts are available for your leizure!

Sources and Credits

Assets come from the game Call of Duty, Black Ops 4 (the magazine from BO3, since BO4's repo had no signs of the magazine for whatevs reason)

Many thanks to Kirloper for his COD asset repo!


V1.1.0 -- A controls update for convenience sake. We break the break open trigger script to obtain snappier closing, but at a cost of the loss of the automatic ejection. Comparing the pros and cons, this is the change for the better.

You can hold the Break Open controls down to keep the lid open, and then after you reload, once you release the controls, the lid will snap close when you rotate the gun back to your shoulder.

The Argus is now in the magfed shotgun category, as well as the lever action shotgun category.


Finally, FINALLY, managed to figure out a way to get best of all worlds. A mesh of Arpy's Player Body Trigger, Potatoes Manip Object, and Cityrobo's Break Open Script.

Rather than mag ejection be a reaction of the cover rotating outward, I've given the player direct controls of both the opening of the lid and the ejection of the magazine.

For Classic Controls -- Left toggle to safely open the lid, up toggle to both open the lid and eject the magazine. You can do a Tekken and drag your joypad from left to up and the magazine can eject that way, or up toggle for an immediate ejection.

For Streamlined Controls -- B/Y to open the lid, A/X to eject the magazine. If you press A without opening the lid the magazine will still eject, sadly. Follow standard protocol to not break your immersion!

Remember, To keep the lid open, keep holding down the toggle (Up/Left or B/Y on streamlined). Once you release that toggle its going to close by itself via break open rigidbody glitch.

The Mag Release toggle has a 3 second cooldown so that should give you plenty of time to shuffle your hands and make sure you don't accidentally unload your new mag.

So happy to have finally figured it out and will give it needed updates if this current build is too wonky, but this should be the finalized version of the ARGOOSE!!!