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Supply Raid(SR) Gamemode, with native H3MP integration

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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The next generation of mapping tools for H3VR

Preferred version: 1.0.0
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Generates MonoMod HookGen MMHOOK files during the bepinex preloader phase.

Preferred version: 1.2.3


Supply Raid

A highly customizable gamemode for H3VR with H3MP support. This is the core library mod that will be updated with fixes and changes that will apply to all existing Supply Raid maps.

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Supply Raid is made up over several game components and depending on the map, character or sosig faction, it can drastically change the way the mode is played.

The main objective of the mode is to capture supply points throughout the map designated by the hand compass, once in these zones a count down timer will start on the compass until the point is captured. Alternatively you can kill all defending sosigs which automatically captures the point.

Each Supply Point will give you access to several menus including the Buy Menu which allows you to purchase gear, the mod table that allows you to buy attachments specific to the placed weapon and the ammo table that allows you to buy specific ammo types to load into your weapons.

Supply Raid Maps:

alt Menualt SnowFields alt MapGen alt DStorm alt DoM alt DoM alt ACity alt DesertC alt Isles alt DownTown alt CastleSky alt bleakhill2 alt Port alt Brutalist alt Fort alt Streets


alt Saffron alt Eddie alt John alt Soren alt Farrah alt Artyom alt Terry alt Casey alt Marley alt Scone


alt Burners alt ColdCuts

-- Modding for Supply Raid ---

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Supply Raid Editor

For Custom Character, Sosig Faction and Item Category Creation

Download: Supply Raid Editor

SDK (For Mappers)

Download: Supply Raid SDK

Bare minimum setup:

  1. Install Unity 5.6.7f1
  2. Setup Meatkit
  3. Import Custom Package Atlas
  4. Add basic Atlas Scene Settings to the Scene
  5. Import Custom Package Supply Raid SDK
  6. In Unity drag the prefabs from Packages > SupplyRaid > Prefabs > SR_Scene and at least 2 SR_SupplyPoint into your scene
  7. Add SupplyRaid dependency to the build profile
  8. Build as a regular sandbox map
  9. Enjoy

Special Thanks:

  • All the Mappers and Modders creating content for Supply Raid, seriously keeping this mode alive
  • Feepan - Testing & keeping this projects development alive
  • Nathan - Plugin & Dependency help
  • VIP - H3MP & Code Help
  • Danny - Mapping, H3VR Knowledge & Supply Raid Menu
  • Prometheuz - Mapping & H3VR Knowledge
  • catcher. - Supply Raid Trailer
  • Glendening - Testing & Support
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