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SR Safehouse Saffron

A loot focused Supply Raid Character, designed for the Safehouse Progression mod

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Supply Raid(SR) Gamemode, with native H3MP integration

Preferred version: 1.2.1


Saffron - Supply Raid Character

Who can afford gear, better to loot it from others. Designed to be used with the Safehouse Progression mod, Saffron focuses on slow progression based around loot drops.

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  • Melee Start - Start with a free melee weapon and work your way up
  • Token Management - A focus on prioritising spending of tokens
  • Loot Drops - Weapons, tokens and grenades can drop on killed sosigs
  • Limited Ammo Focus - Expensive upgrades and ammo refill costs

Future Updates

Saffron will be updated periodically as Supply Raid gets fixes and other balances changes are needed. The primary focus is for a realatively balanced expericence for Safehouse Progression.