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HardBullet Multiplayer

Adds Multiplayer support to HardBullet.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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HBMF - Hard Bullet Modding Framework. A mod that adds some cool functions, and makes life easier for mod creators.

Preferred version: 0.0.6



Make sure to join the modding Discord. if you need someone to play with, check out the "HBMP" sections of the discord!

x# Other Info

Open the menu by clicking your left joystick.


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How do I start a server?

Open the HBMF menu (Click Left Joystick), go to the HBMP section, and press start server. You can then send invites through Discord.

Do Infinite Waves sync?

Since 1.0.0, Infinite Waves do sync! :)

Physics syncing is going wacky, how do I fix it?

Ask all players to reload the scene or go to another scene then back.

In sandbox, people dont see my preset!

Make sure all players set their sandbox preset to the same thing. (Gym/Playground/Physics Objects/Etc.)

Change Log

1.4.1 - The FUNCTIONAL Update

  • Fixed the mod, actually runs now

1.4.0 - The BODY Update

  • Added a full body to multiplayer players. (Finger sync included)
  • Improved ownership transfer on grabbed items.
  • Fixed Infinite Waves on all maps.

1.3.0 - The MERGER Update

  • Now the mod is only a singular mod file to install.

1.2.1 - One Fix Update

  • Fixed the playermodel not showing oops

1.2.0 - The Itty Bitty Buggy Update

  • You no longer need to be on the same weapons page to see another persons grabbed item.
  • Updated the MP playermodel

1.1.5 - The Rollback Update

  • Undid randomized skins on enemies.
  • Added chains to ignored sync list.

1.1.0 - The Visuals Update

  • Redid the Multiplayer Playermodel, now has textures instead of a solid pink model.
  • Spawned NPCs now have randomized skins when spawned in for other players.
  • Infinity waves shouldnt bug out and stop respawning enemies.
  • Hands getting stuck on grabbed things occasionally should be fixed.
  • Gunshots not firing all the time should be fixed.

1.0.0 - The Combat Update

  • Added PVP (You can shoot other players, melee doesn't work)
  • Added Gunshot Sync (Peoples guns actually fire projectiles, make sounds and interact with enemies.)
  • Added Infinite Wave sync (Does not work on every map, Action is one of them.)
  • Improved Enemy Sync greatly, Enemy generator in sandbox now automatically spawns in enemies for all players when one person has spawned one in. (Also clears)
  • Added Nametags
  • Added Scene Sync, players will now automatically follow the server owner into another scene.
  • Fixed Desync issues on larger lobbies. (3+ People)

Previous Versions

  • 0.8.0 Added HBMF menu support. HBMF is now a requirement.

  • 0.7.0 Improved stability on items grabbed off walls, improved functionality of lobbies with many players in them, improved stability on players joining in the middle of a session

  • 0.6.0 Fixed NPC update issues, no longer need to bump enemies to update them.