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Custom NPCs

Adds Custom NPC support to HardBullet.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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HBMF - Hard Bullet Modding Framework. A mod that adds some cool functions, and makes life easier for mod creators.

Preferred version: 0.1.1


Custom NPCs

This mod adds in a framework for Custom NPCs for mod creators to add in their own NPCs!

How To Install NPCs

Drag the .npc files into UserData/CustomNPCs

How To Use

  • To access the NPCs, select which one you want from the HBMF menu, (Custom NPCs --> NPC Select).

  • If you spawn in an NPC via the generator it will be your custom NPC.

  • For infinite wave NPCs, go to the Infinity Wave section of the menu and tinker with settings, you can entirely disable custom NPCs for the waves, or you can enable randomization (It will select random NPCs that you've installed for every NPC that spawns in.)


This mod comes with two .npcs for you to use and play around with, ford and default boy.


1.0.2 - Fixed NPC Scaling