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Sex Mod

Long awaited 2.0 update, TO FIX ALL THE ISSUES PRIOR! AND ADD TONS OF NEW FEATURES (No longer a troll lol)

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This mod requires the following mods to function

HBMF-HBMF-0.1.2 icon

HBMF - Hard Bullet Modding Framework. A mod that adds some cool functions, and makes life easier for mod creators.

Preferred version: 0.1.2


How to use

  • Select "Sex" in the HBMF menu
  • Spawning, and other settings are within the menu


Images currently aren't working because thunderstore hates me :P


2.0 - The Fuck Your Friends Update

  • CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION Now includes giggle variant
  • Added dating simulator story mode, easy difficult and nightmare difficulty
  • Added JOI, CEI, and a few others
  • Updated sex scene to fix clipping issues
  • Updated semen texture, new resolution for crisper images
  • Added camera for recording your scenes
  • Intergrated with Medal and Nvidia clipping (Can make medal / Nvidia auto clip after orgasam)
  • Boobs slider increased max boob volume
  • New penis models
  • 4 new variants for companion
  • Skin tone modifier
  • .DLL now installs assets for you saving file space
  • Size modifier
  • Insersion now has aim assist, making it easier to insert
  • Now supports full body tracking mod, as well as BHaptics
  • Updated the sounds to be more life-like
  • Added secret tracer model
  • Every model now has futa variant

Known Issues

  • Claire's voice lines are currently broken
  • Audio can sometimes combine, currently no known fix
  • Jessica animations prolonged
  • Game can sometimes crash when attempting to load assets, usually fixes after a few tries



  • Custom companion importing
  • Custom Audio
  • Ability to strip and have intercourse with ANY NPC deafult game or not
  • Expanded dungeon level
  • New voice acting
  • Discord Intergration
  • Achievements
  • The sexening expansion pack
  • Horror mode
  • New death sound effect
  • Cum gun
  • Bonelab style body remapping for penis/vagina/breasts
  • optional 3D scan to import yourself into the sexy