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API to simplify model replacement

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BepInEx pack for Mono Unity games. Preconfigured and ready to use.

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ModelReplacementAPI v2.3.8

Simplifies character model replacement for modders


For more info on making model replacements see the wiki at https://github.com/BunyaPineTree/LethalCompany_ModelReplacementAPI , or message Bunya Pine Tree at the unofficial modding discord https://discord.gg/nYcQFEpXfU

Known Issues

  • More Company cosmetics behave strangely on ragdolls
  • Due to the implementation of post processing removal, some circumstances will prevent a noPostProcessing enabled model from appearing on cameras. An example of this is MirrorDecor, which will not immediately show your model. As of this moment this can be fixed by taking off your model replacement, and putting it back on.
  • At this moment, some cameras do not display the base player model
  • In response to shadows not appearing in first person in some circumstances, I have removed all shadows in first person as a preemptive measure to making shadows actually work in first person.
  • Flashlights go through you as a result of not having a shadow.
  • Supporting no post process layers has required finding two layers that aren't used freqently, or ever, to render models without post process on. I have performed a thorough search this time to prevent purple rails, but just because nothing was on the layers I searched in doesn't mean nothing ever will be. If you find objects that don't look correct, please let me know.


- v2.3.8
	- Removed MoreCompany Cosmetic errors from console.
	- Removed debug line that occasionally caused masked errors.
	- Fixed character sizing issue when in the middle of an emote. 
	- Fixed rubberbanding
- v2.3.7
	- Invisible scav dead bodies made visible. Huge thanks to SylviBlossom for locating the problem and providing the solution. 
- v2.3.6
	- Players should be visible further than a meter. 
- v2.3.5
	- LODS no longer show in third person
	- First person arms no longer appear with TooManyEmotes emotes
- v2.3.4
	- Fixed no post processing for models that set it via script instead of SDK
	- Fixed TooManyEmotes camera smearing
- v2.3.3
	- Can actually see players now
- v2.3.2
	- Fixed the looking down bug this time? 
	- Fixed the purple rails
	- Fixed nametags missing
- v2.3.1
	- Works without MoreCompany now
- v2.3.0
	- Modders can now exclude their model replacements from Lethal Company's post processing to improve custom shader quality. 
	- Minor performance improvements
- v2.2.1
	- More rendering changes that should fix items not being held at the correct location.
	- MirrorDecor, LCThirdPerson, and emote mods should no longer have conflicts.
	- There should no longer be models visible in first person when you look down
	- You should be able to see the base game suit now after removing a model replacement. 
	- Thanks to Naelstrof for changing the execution order of UnityJigglePhysics LateUpdate, which should remove jitter in the ship. 
- v2.2.0
	- Rendering changes to make models more robust to cameras. 
	- Recording camera support, and third person mods should no longer have conflicts. 
	- Models with converted standard materials will no longer have the crusty base game normal map
- v2.1.2
	- Fixed ragdolls and death commands not activating
- v2.1.0
	- Native UnityJigglePhysics support for modders. 
	- Item rotation refactor to fix items not being held correctly. 
	- MirrorDecor now supported with 3rdPerson and LCThirdPerson, thanks to Adamasnaldo for the fix. 
- v2.0.4
	- Uncommented debug
- v2.0.3
	- TooManyEmotes OnEmote command fix
- v2.0.2
	- Known issues section
	- Fix for renderers disappearing for some models
	- OnEmote commands now only trigger once per emote
- v2.0.1
	- MoreCompany cosmetic fixes
- v2.0.0
	- Overhauled BoneMap system, moved to unity-editor workflow with .unitypackage
	- Added the ability to set rotation offsets to items, 
	- Added extra registry options. See the wiki for more info. 
	- Changed how the model replacement is rendered. No more skeletons separating from bodies. 
	- Thanks to Linkoid for refactoring and improving materials and adding support for materials that already utilize a setup HDRP shader. 
	- Added OnEmote commands, and will provide support for other events (like taking damage) down the line 
	- Note that mods that target v1.x.x will not be compatible with further updates of ModelReplacementAPI as a consequence of moving to the unity workflow, but this shouldn't happen again. 
- v1.4.1
	- Added RegisterModelReplacementOverride(Type bodyReplacement) to the API to prevent body replacements from constantly being removed and put back on when you want every player to have the same body replacement. 
- v1.4.0
	- Added support for LCThirdPerson
	- Fixed bug that caused incompatibility with the More Suits mod. Thanks to Linkoid for the fix. 
- v1.3.2
	- Fixed models appearing in first person for users without the 3rdperson mod.
- v1.3.0
	- Added support for 3rdperson.
- v1.2.4
	- Fixed an issue where the bone offset tool was not setting the held item offset
- v1.2.3
	- Fixed the same bug a second time, hopefully for real this time. 
	- Fixed MoreCompany cosmetics not parenting correctly. 
	- Possibly fixed players being invisible after death. 
- v1.2.2
	- Fixed a bug related to held items. Thanks to Mina for reporting a fix. 
- v1.2.0
	- Added support for ModelReplacementTool, removed a bug that spawned gameobjects periodically. 
- v1.1.0
	- Fixed some errors with bone mapping and biblically accurate angels. 
- v1.0.0
	- Release