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V49/V50 compatible! Adds over 200 new emotes! Includes emote wheel, allows Masked Enemies to emote, adds emote music (can be muted), implements a system for purchasing emotes on the store (optional), and much more!

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Mono Unity games. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.2100



V49/V50 Compatible!

There are never Too Many Emotes!

This mod adds a ton of new emotes to the game, which can be purchased in the store.
If you hate progression and just want to dance, you set all emotes to be unlocked in the config. All clients will sync to the server's settings.

With this mod, you will be able to break dance over your teammates' corpses!
Currently, there are There are currently over 200 emotes, and (likely) more on the way!
These include common emotes, such as waving, taunting, crying, etc.
Various dances are also included! You can see a preview of them in the gif down below!

Supports InputUtils

  • Any relevant hotkeys for this mod can be managed in the in-game keybind menu.
  • InputUtils is not a dependency, but is recommended!

Over 200 Emotes!

  • Though there are a lot of emotes, existing emotes will be continued to be polished in future updates when needed.
  • Emotes can be purchased in the terminal shop by typing "Emotes". You can read more about it below.
  • (This count may actually be just under 200 as I had to remove some emotes to fix some animations at the time of typing this message)

Here's a preview of some emotes!

Emotes Preview

Emote Radial Menu

  • Emote radial menu is included!
  • By default, you can open the radial menu by pressing the backtick/tilde key. This can be changed in the config.
  • Not shown in the gif below, but you can have multiple pages of emotes now! (1.3.5)

Radial Menu

Music and Props!

  • Various emotes may include music and external props. (props are not in-game items... yet?)
  • By default, music will only be played if a boombox is nearby, and if it's not already playing music from an emote.
  • You can mute, or adjust the emote audio volume in the emote menu. More audio settings can be tweaked in the config.
  • The boombox requirement can be disabled in the config.
  • Select emotes with audio have exceptions to the boombox requirement, such as musical instruments, or other sound effects.
  • Only the player who initiated an emote will play music from an audio source.
  • Emote music volume increases with the number of players syncing with that emote. (slightly)

Grabbable Emote Props as Scrap (new in 2.1.2)

  • Various emote props can be found on moons as scrap.
  • These props can perform emotes when interacted with.
  • This does require a separate mod called TooManyEmotesScrap.
  • More information can be found on the mod page!


While you can use the base TooManyEmotes mod with other players who do not have that mod, you cannot use the TooManyEmotesScrap mod with players who do not also have the mod enabled.

Jug Band

  • The Jug Band emote has been added to the game! (Added in 2.0.0)
  • Jug Band is a 4-in-1 emote, that when played, plays 1 of 4 instruments in the Jug Band song from Fortnite.
  • These instruments are the Jug (duh), Banjo, Guitar, and Fiddle.
  • You can press [E] on another player performing this emote, and you will sync with their emote, but with a different instrument!
  • Get three of your friends to perform the Jug Band with you! (I dare you)
  • For now, this is a complementary emote. This may change in the future.
  • Emote preview

Emote Store

  • You can view the emote store in the terminal, either at the bottom of the "store" section, or by typing "emotes".
  • Three emotes will be available at a time in the store, and rotate per-quota.
  • The number of emotes in the rotation can be changed in the config.
  • Each game, you will start off with 100 free emote credits.
  • Type "Emotes" in the terminal to view all and future emote commands.
  • Everyone will start off with a set of complementary emotes each game!

Rarity System

  • Emotes will be categorized into 4 tiers based on "rarity".
  • This will affect the likelyhood of an emote for a given tier to appear in the emote store rotation.
  • This will also affect their price.
  • All emotes are color coded in the terminal!
  • Colors are configurable in the accessibility section in the config.

Third Person Emotes

  • To help prevent weird camera movements for certain emotes, and to help lower motion sickness, you will perform custom emotes in third-person.
  • While emoting, you can freely move your camera without turning your character, or interrupting your emote.
  • Upon moving, or canceling the emote, you will revert back to your normal view.
  • While emoting, you can now rotate your character while holding the Alt key. This key can be changed in the config.
  • You can now scroll to zoom in and out while emoting. The min and max distance is clamped at 1.5 and 5.

Everyone is Synced

  • When you buy an emote, everyone on the server unlocks the emote.
  • When players join the server, already unlocked emotes will be synced with them.
  • All unlocked emotes will be reset upon starting a new game, disconnecting, or will be synced with future servers you join.
  • When performing a custom emote, all players will see the same emote.

Everyone is not Synced! (optional)

  • Sharing everything can be disabled in the config.
  • If disabled, each player will have their own rotation of emotes in the store.
  • Purchasing emotes will only unlock for you.
  • Each player will have their own reserve of emotes credits. The amount of emote credits you earn will NOT be reduced.
  • You will still be able to see other players' emotes, and even sync with them! (if you enabled syncing emotes that are not unlocked in the config)
  • This feature may currently have bugs, as it changes the organization of unlocked emotes and emote credits, and how the game saves/loads unlocked emotes during the session.
    If you do run into any bugs, please post the issue(s) on this mod's Github!

Emote Loadouts

  • Emote loadouts are included on the left side of the radial menu.
  • Currently, there are two loadouts. "Favorites" and "All".
  • Favoriting emotes will persist throughout multiple sessions, or upon closing/relaunching the game.
    Favorited emotes will only be available if they have been unlocked in your session.

Sync Emotes with Other Players

  • When other players perform an emote that loops, there will be a prompt when looking at them to perform and sync with their emote.
  • Syncing with another player's emote will perform the same emote, and match their time in the animation.
  • After syncing with a player, you can then rotate your character to look elsewhere by holding the Alt key.
    (You can rotate your character regardless of if you synced with a player's emote or not)

Masked Enemies Emoting

   Trust no one!

Masked Enemy Emotes

  • The MaskedEnemyOverhaul by HomelessGinger plays very nicely with this. You should check it out!
  • Masked Enemies will now be able to perform any emote that the player they're looking at has unlocked.
  • When Masked Enemies stop and stare at the player, they will have a chance to emote after a short delay for a few seconds.
  • Masked Enemies will ALWAYS emote during each player's first encounter with a Masked Enemy. This will happen for each new level.
  • The stop and stare duration has been increased by a bit to ensure that the emotes play at a reasonable duration, and do not end very quickly.
    If you do not want to increase the vanilla stop and stare time, or if this conflicts with other mods, you can disable overriding this duration in the config.
  • You can sync emotes with Masked Enemies!
  • All settings can be edited in the config.
  • This feature is currently in beta, as I have no had the chance to extensively test this.
    If you run into any bugs, please post this issue in the Lethal Company Modding Discord, or on the Github. Thank you!

Saved Progression

  • All emotes are unlocked for each saved game.
  • When you close your game, or stop the server, all unlocked emotes during that session will be saved.
  • This means, you will reload your previously unlocked emotes upon loading an existing save, provided that they were already unlocked.
  • Unlocked emotes will still reset upon restarting, or starting a new game.

Integrates well with Unmodded Clients

  • Playing custom emotes will just look like the regular Dance1 for other clients without the mod.
  • This mod is designed to let you unlock emotes (or have them all unlocked by default) if the host does not have the mod.
    This will allow all clients to use emotes regardless of the mods the host is running.

Mod Compatibility

  • Supports InputUtils (not required, but recommended)
  • Compatible with More_Emotes!
  • Compatible with MirrorDecor!
  • Compatible with MoreCompany Cosmetics!
  • Third person camera mods may or may not play nice. Who knows?

Special Thanks for Beta Testing!

  • YandereKat
  • InfamousThunder
  • m0nst3r
  • UFTaco

If you read this far and are enjoying my mods

Please consider supporting me here!
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