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Connect your buttplug to Lethal Company

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Connect your buttplug to Lethal Company

Preferred version: 0.0.5



A mod for Lethal Company to hook it up to your buttplug, powered by buttplug.io

Setting up




  • Install BepInEx (see BepInEx Installation Guide)
  • Launch Lethal Company once with BepInEx installed to ensure that its working and needed folders are present
  • Navigate to your Lethal Company install directory and go to ./BepInEx/plugins
  • Download the mod and unzip it in the install directory.


  • Open Intiface Central (or Engine if you know how to use that)
  • Start it via the big play button
  • Launch Lethal Company with the mod installed
    • If it doesnt work, go to intiface settings and enable Listen on all network interfaces in the server settings