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A bundle of several fixes and improvements

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Muck. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.1100



This is a set of various fixes and improvements for Muck.
All changes are configurable and can be disabled.
This mod incorporates CraftingFix and BetterClock and those mods may be removed.
This mod also fixes the tutorial setting, so ForceDisableTutorial may also be removed.

BetterChat is recommended, as it fixes an obnoxious bug with the chat system.

Installation (manual)

If you are installing this manually, do the following

  1. Extract the archive into a folder. Do not extract into the game folder.
  2. Move the contents of plugins folder into <GameDirectory>\Bepinex\plugins.
  3. Run the game.


Fixed windowed mode sometimes starting in fullscreen instead.
Fixed progress bars on furnace and cauldron from getting stuck.
Fixed tutorial setting tied to grass setting instead. Fixed the day time starting at an odd hour of 12.
Fixed crafting sometimes consuming too many resources (CraftingFix)

Fixed BetterStackLimits breaking unstackable items.


Added a light to the furnace and cauldron.
Increased the draw distance to the end of the fog.
Allowed the grass setting to be turned back on.
Allowed the Escape key to exit the map.
Added a new spawn system that tries to place you near basic resources.
Allowed the map resolution to be increased.
Allowed the clock to be configured (BetterClock)
Prevent powerups from despawning.
Allowed map markers to be scaled down (Useful for Cartographer).

Disabled by default

Added an option to disable the LOD system to remove pop in. (NoLOD)
Allow player surroundings to be added to the map, NoLOD and MapScale recommended. (Cartographer)


This mod has a configuration file called Muck++.cfg
All changes contain an entry under the [Active] section that allow them to be turned off.


Radius: Controls how much information around the player is added to the map.
NoLOD is recommended, or else this may unadd information to the map


Format: Changes how the current time is displayed, check here for details
"H:mm" for 24 hour time, "h:mm tt" for 12 hour time

Trunc: Rounds the time down to the nearest # seconds
600 for nearest 10 minutes, 3600 for nearest hour

Hour: Starting hour of the day
6 for a more natural day time, 12 for the original day time


Scale: A multiplier to increase the map size and detail


Separation: The distance around the selected spawn point players will be placed

(Resource)Weight: The weight of the specific resource in score calculations.
Higher values makes the spawn point system prefer closer resources.


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Clarified messages around CraftingFix and BetterClock
Improved patching error handling
Improved spawn system, now considers the number of resources in an area
Moved some spawn debug messages to Debug level
Added Mod patch for BetterStackLimits, unstackable items now have a max of 1
Drastically improved performance of Cartographer
Fixed bug with Cartographer near end of game
Reduced size of map markers, helps with Cartographer visibility
Prevent powerups from despawning