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BepInEx 6 Pack for Muck

no mod manager install, sorry, I tried all day to get it to work and now I just don't care to. /shrug You can have this nice little SFML program to do it tho

This is BepInEx 6.0.0 pack for Muck in a one-button click install. It will also install my Console Commands mod for you, so you don't have to do it, as that's the only thing that uses BepInEx6 for muck rn.

what this is not: *directly from the bepinex team.

what this is: *legitimate bepinex 6.0.0-pre1, untouched other than being packaged in a one-button-click install for muck. included here is the source code for it: https://github.com/daltonyxdonovan/Muck_Bepinex_Loader Feel free to compile it yourself to be sure there is nothing fishy :p it uses SFML 2.5.1, the included solution file should work if you just put SFML in documents and change my name to your name in the linker settings!

BepInEx is a general purpose framework for Unity modding. BepInEx includes tools and libraries to

  • load custom code (hereafter plugins) into the game on launch;
  • patch in-game methods, classes and even entire assemblies without touching original game files;
  • configure plugins and log game to desired outputs like console or file;
  • manage plugin dependencies.

BepInEx is currently one of the most popular modding tools for Unity on GitHub.

This pack's contents

This pack is preconfigured and usable for Muck modding.
In particular, this pack comes with preconfigured BepInEx.cfg that enables the BepInEx console and more extensive logging.

Installation (manual)

  1. Make sure you have python installed, download and run installer.
  2. That's it, you're done.
  3. If you want to install a mod, put the mod's DLL file in "Program Files x86/Steam/steamapps/common/Muck/bepinex/plugins", that's all there is to it! the console commands mod comes with it, just use / to open it.
  4. If you want to use the console commands, use / to open it and ALSO to send it. It was either patch several methods related to sending messages or just use the / key, you can see which one I chose haha. Tab is autocomplete, which works properly in every case but item names. It still works with item names, but only the first word.

Configuration (Windows)

No need to configure. Simply run the game. If everything is correct, you will see a console pop up. it installs directly to the Muck directory at "C://Program Files x86/Steam/steamapps/common/Muck", not through Thunderstore! To use it, just literally start the game from steam.