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Adds a wide variety of foods which can be cooked by combining various existing ingredients in a Cauldron. This also decreases the effectiveness of some vanilla foods, to encourage combining many ingredients into one.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Muck. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.1101


What It Does

This plugin allows you to cook many more foods at a Cauldron, by combining varieties of ingredients. It also rebalances some basegame foods, making raw foods and easier to obtain foods (like meat) weaker. Full details are in the configuration file. Food rebalancing can be disabled if you wish, but the new food may not be as well balanced if you do this, as the health/hunger/stamina the new foods restore are based off of basegame foods. When making food with shrooms, the type of shroom you use will give you a different outcome, just like soup. So for example, a Ligon Shroom Pie will restore a lot of hunger, but a Gulpon Shroom Pie will restore a lot of Health.

The foods that you can cook with this mod are:

1 Ingredient

  • Baked Apple (Apple)
  • Toasted Shroom (Any Shroom)

2 Ingredients

  • Pie Pie (Dough + Bowl)
  • Flaxseed Bread (Dough + Flax)

3 Ingredients

  • Shroom Pie (Any Shroom + Dough + Bowl)
  • Apple Meat Stew (Apple + Raw Meat + Bowl)
  • Apple and Shroom Stew (Any Shroom + Apple + Bowl)
  • Meat and Shroom Stew (Any Shroom + Raw Meat + Bowl)

4 Ingredients

  • Less Weird Soup (Gulpon Shroom + Ligon Shroom + Sugon Shroom + Bowl)
  • Apple Meat Pie (Apple + Raw Meat + Dough + Bowl)
  • Apple and Shroom Pie (Any Shroom + Apple + Dough + Bowl)
  • Meat and Shroom Pie (Any Shroom + Raw Meat + Dough + Bowl)
  • Gourmet Stew (Any Shroom + Raw Meat + Apple + Bowl)


When running Muck for the first time with this plugin installed, MuckFoods.MichMcb.cfg will be created in the BepinEx/config folder. The configurable aspects of this plugin are:

  • Whether or not to rebalance basegame foods, which also affects the strength of added foods
  • The health/hunger/stamina bonuses that foods with 1, 2, 3, or 4 ingredients gain compared to the sum of the health/hunger/stamina of their edible ingredients
  • The base bonus to health/hunger/stamina that cooking a food adds, cumulative with the bonus for using more ingredients