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This mod adds saving your game to Muck. It is basically, a fork and update of flarfo's fantastic SaveUtility mod. This can automatically migrate saves from SaveUtility.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Muck. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.1101


What It Does

This mod adds saving your game to Muck. It is basically, a fork and update of flarfo's fantastic SaveUtility mod. You CANNOT use this and SaveUtility at the same time. Remove SaveUtility and install this. The savefiles for SaveUtility will automatically be migrated to the new structure on startup.

Also, a few things more now save properly, which are:

  • Mob spawnrate and weights are saved. This resets every night, but the fist night after reloading a save would have slower spawning mobs, and only weaker mobs were picked. This has been fixed.
  • Boat and Gem markers on the map are saved.
  • Boss rotation is saved. Muck has a pool of bosses to spawn at the beginning of a boss night that it picks from and empties as they spawn, then refills when the pool is empty. This is saved, so it doesn't reset to full on reload. This only affects the first boss that is forcibly spawned at the beginning of a boss night.
  • At the start of a boss night, Muck will instantly spawn a boss. If you save and load during a boss night, a new boss would always instantly spawn. This no longer happens. Further bosses may spawn during a boss night due to random chance, but only one boss will be forcibly spawned at the beginning of the night.
  • If the Chief boss is currently spawned, he is saved (just like Gronk/Big Chunk/Guardians).
  • Furnaces should start smelting on load (I'm not sure if this works in multiplayer or not).
  • You can no longer save when leaving the island.
  • You can no longer save if everybody is dead.


When running Muck for the first time with this plugin installed, MuckSaveGame.MichMcb.cfg will be created in the BepinEx/config folder. The configurable aspects of this plugin are:

  • The amount of real-life seconds you have to wait after saving before you can save again.
  • Which mobs should be saved besides just the boss mobs.
  • Whether or not the savegame file should be indented (to read it more easily if you want to edit your save).
  • The vertical position offset for the local player on loading a savegame (helps avoid falling through the floor on loading a savegame)


The new API to save additional chunks of data to the XML file uses ISaveData and ISaveDataManager. Implement these interfaces, and register your instance of ISaveDataManager by using SaveSystem.Register; the documentation has information on what each method does, and you can view the source code to see how it should be used. There are useful extension methods for XElement in the MuckSaveGame namespace, to help with reading/writing data.