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Allows the player to choose their own powerups of the same tier when opening a chest or battle totem. The image is unrelated.

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Item Choice

Allows the player to choose a powerup of the same tier that they opened from a chest or battle totem. When opening a chest, finishing a battle totem, or killing a boss, a powerup-choosing object will appear instead of a random powerup. Interacting with that object will show a UI to the user to choose a powerup.


  • I forgot to add a dependency for BepInEx, so you also need BepInExPack_Muck (
  • THERES ONLY ASSETS FOR WINDOWS. Other OS may see irregular assets regarding this plugin.
  • Tested in multiplayer to some extent and tested with other mods that add powerups to some extent.
  • I realized that I called the mod "ItemChoice" instead of "PowerupChoice". That is my mistake...
  • I'm not very experienced in Unity.

Known Issues

  • Any mod that spawns a powerup from any source will instead drop a powerup-choosing object of that tier.
  • If a player A chooses an powerup, all other players will not see that player A has chosen a powerup, but player A will. This won't really matter unless the other players are purposefully stealing other players powerups.



  • Removed config because it interefered with multiplayer for powerup-choosing objects.


  • Disabled scrolling hotbar when powerup-choosing UI is opened
  • Hopefully fixed dropping issue with PowerupDrop (
  • Updated the UI a little bit so that it fits more with the Muck theme.
  • Added a config to enable or disable if only the powerup-choosing object drops from chests, totems, or bosses (May have issues, but should work for the most part).


  • Fixed an issue where if the player were to time interacting with the powerup-choosing object, they could open the UI again and rechoose a powerup.


  • Tried to fix an issue with not being able to select a powerup when there are multiple powerup-choosing objects opened (singleplayer).