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A debug mod for debugging other mods that need debugging

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The World's First Universal Mod Loader for Unity Games compatible with both Il2Cpp and Mono

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A debug mod for debugging other mods that need debugging

DebugMod is a mod that adds several cheats, tools, and other things to help debug your mods. All of these can be enabled and disabled at will through the handy little GUI. The GUI can be enabled and disabled through the F6 key, though this keybind can be changed through config if you wish.

Here's a list of all the features this mod has to offer



Fast Travel

Allows you to enable fast travel for your character, without using a fast travel vent. This works in the same way as fast travel usually does, where you can travel to any room you have visited in that run.

Infinite Damage

Self explanatory. Makes your blaster and mount deal infinite damage. Of course it isn't actually infinite, but it is as infinite as it can possibly be, which is 2.147 billion damage. More than enough, unless you're playing on difficulty 2 trillion or something

Infinite Stamina

Constantly sets your stamina bar on your mount to 2.147 billion. Due to scaling and stuff, this can run out, but it's highly unlikely and also takes a very long time. I have gone on extremely long runs with this on because I got distracted while testing the mod, and I haven't had it run out on me once.


Makes you completely invulnerable. This works in the same way as the I-frames when you get hit do, so when this is active, you will also be invulnerable to stuff like ailments, and similar things

No Cooldowns

Completely disables mount cooldowns, so you can just spam those abilities. It's lots of fun to just mess around with, even if you're not "testing" anything.

Shiny Mode

This one makes every pin in a room shiny, which is a sight to behold.


Improved Screenshot Mode

An "improved" version of the normal ingame screenshot mode, that adds some new features. Each of these can be toggled on and off at will

Hide Player

You can hide the player. Just be careful you don't get lost!

Hide Cursor

Hides the cursor from sight. This is useful when paired with Force Show Cursor, otherwise you might lose your cursor and have a hard time pressing the button to turn ISM back off again!

Hide Shots

Hides every single shot in the game. They will still damage you though. This one takes a really long time to enable and disable, because the game has to search through every object in the game in order to find the shots, so be warned

Disable Fog

Allows you to toggle the fog effect off and on. Useful for taking screenshots of things! (You're welcome Smite)


This is our newest category, so don't mind the fact that it only has one option in it currently. Many more will be added in the future. And make sure if you have an request to go and leave it on the github issues page!

Force Show Cursor

Forces your mouse cursor to be visible at all times. Patch Quest has a tendancy to hide your cursor, so when you need it it's just not there. Luckily you can disable this with this handy feature!

Contributing to the mod

There isn't really any contribution guidelines or anything yet, so just make some changes, make a PR, and if I have any problems with it I'll probably just fix them myself.


Also if you find any bugs, or have any problems, any features you want added, make sure to go to the GitHub issues page, and request it!

Have Fun!