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A mod for Patch Quest that allows changing the difficulty level above level 10

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The World's First Universal Mod Loader for Unity Games compatible with both Il2Cpp and Mono

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A mod for Patch Quest that allows changing the difficulty level above level 10

How to Use

Setup is simple. Once installing the mod through thunderstore (or by installing through github if you're feeling a bit special), you will have to run the game. After first time setup is complete, you can simply find the mod's config file, and adjust the difficulty value to whatever you want.

When you next run the game, you will need to set the difficulty setting in the menu to any value you want to activate hard mode. The mod will then update the difficulty value to the value specified in the config file.

There is no visual feedback for this being active, and the normal hard mode screen that shows the difficulty level will just show the level you put into the game, so you will just have to trust that it is active. But if you put the level high enough it should be very noticable.

How do I find the config file??

The config file can be easily found in the following locations depending on the method you are using to load mods

Thunderstore (The easy way)

After selecting the game and profile, to access the config simply press "Edit config" in the sidebar and find the UserData/MelonPreferences.cfg file. Then click Edit Config and find the "Difficulty 20" section.

Manual (The hard way)

If you have installed MelonLoader manually, navigate to your game directory (You should know where this is, but if not you can find it through steam > properties > local files > browse), and then find "MelonPreferences.cfg" in the "UserData" folder. Then navigate to the "Difficulty 20" section, and update the Difficulty field. Make sure you save!

Feature Requests

If you have a request for a feature, you can head over to the github issues page ( and create a new issue. You can also do this with bugs, help requests and anything else you might need.

How to contribute

As this is a very small mod, there won't be any properly organised contribution thing. Instead if you want to make a change, simply go make it and then make a pull request. If it is a good change I'll probably accept it.

I will also label things that would be easy to implement with GoodFirstIssue, so if you want you can go to the issues tab and find something to work on.