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Adds English (UK) as a language option.

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English Weather

Text localisation in British English

Gosh, it's awfully rainy today, isn't it?


  1. Copy the english-uk folder into your game's language folder (steamapps\common\Risk of Rain Returns\language\)
  2. Change the language in-game using the language select menu at the top-right of the main menu


  • Uses the Oxford Dictionary of English as a reference
  • Usage of some Americanisms has been replaced (e.g. vacation became holiday)
  • Some, but not all text has been hyphenated or split into two words (shoulderpads became shoulder pads, for example, found in a survivor description)
  • Usage of dollar signs ($) has been replaced with pound sterling signs (£)
  • Gasoline has been replaced with Petrol
  • Trash Compactor became Rubbish Compactor, because the word trash is an abomination unto Nuggan
  • Dates in the log entries have been converted to DD/MM/YYYY format (previously MM/DD/YYYY)