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Rogue Tower Custom Maps

Custom maps for new challenges.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Rogue Tower.

Preferred version: 5.4.1900
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Disable achievement gain

Preferred version: 1.0.8



These are all designed for single lane. Triple/Dual Lane will not generally work.

Custom Maps

Adds custom maps to the game. Currently only really supports single lane/no splits effectively. All portals after a split works fine too.

Map Descriptions

    maps.Add("Barely Legal", new string[] { "L", "S", "L", "S", "L", "L", "P" });
    // The below one actually does work with 2/3 way
    maps.Add("Instant Portal", new string[] { "P", "P", "P" });
    maps.Add("3-way Instant Portal", new string[] { "SLR", "P", "P", "P" });
    maps.Add("5 Straights and 1 Portal", new string[] { "S", "S", "S", "S", "S", "P" });
    maps.Add("The Clock", new string[] { "L", "L", "S", "L", "S", "L", "S", "P" });
    maps.Add("1 turn 1 Portal", new string[] { "L", "P" });
    maps.Add("1 turn 3 Portals", new string[] { "L", "SLR", "P", "P", "P" });
    maps.Add("T", new string[] { "S", "S", "LR", "P", "P" });

Make Your Own Map

You want to set the selected map to custom in the config

Selected Map = Custom

Then fill in the custom map field with a "description" of the map

Custom Map = S, S, P


Splits generally do not work. If you are very very careful with the order of expansion CAN make any arbitrary map work. The tiles will appear in the order you expand in so if you really really want to get a specific map with splits you can do it by carefully planning the order in which you expand while playing the game. If there is is enough interest I'll look at adding proper support for splits.

Caveats' Caveats

One caveat of the above caveat is that if you only do a single split then all portals after that works.

Tile Types/Names

P - Portal

No Splits

S - Straight
L - Left
R - Right

Double Splits

SL - Straight Left
SR - Straight Right
LR - Left Right

Triple Splits

SLR - Straight Left Right


The Clock

Custom Map = L, L, S, L, S, L, S, P

Three Way Split Then Portals:

Custom Map = SLR, P, P, P