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The all too common damage (and heal) numbers for ROUNDS, Evolved!

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BepInEx-BepInExPack_ROUNDS-5.4.1100 icon

BepInEx pack for ROUNDS. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.1100
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This is a helpful utility for ROUNDS modders aimed at simplifying common tasks.

Preferred version: 2.10.2


Damage Tracker [1.1.0]

Public Release 1-1-0, build #23

Keep better tracks on all the damage everyone dealt, taken and healed! A "DPS Meter" made by Pudassassin.


[Damage Indicator+]

  • a QoL-improved style based on the good old Damage Indicator mod.


  • text color of the number matches the associating player, as well as a +/- sign and outline color to signify damage or healing.
  • default setting at fresh installation


  • bigger text size and color-coded to damage/heal as well as shortening it down for high-value numbers.


[Number Formatting]

  • Plain: just raw number, no shortening or separators.
    • (eg. "0.123" | "1234" | "1234567" | "1234567890")
  • Spacing: using space as separators, show full number.
    • (eg. "0.123" | "1 234" | "1 234 567" | "1 234 567 890")
  • Commas: the normal written number, show full number.
    • (eg. "0.123" | "1,234" | "1,234,567" | "1,234,567,890")
  • Shorten: chop down the stronk number with multi-million suffixes.
    • (eg. "0.123" | "1.23 ki" | "1.23 mil" | "1.23 bil")
  • Metric: the standard metric-style number.
    • (eg. "0.123" | "1.234 ki" | "1.235 Me" | "1.235" Gi)
  • Science: the sciencific-notation number, only apply to number above a million.
    • (eg. "0.123" | "1 234" | "1.23E+006" | "1.23E+009")

[Use Player's Color]

  • when enabled: the number texts are color-matched with their associating players. Number texts are also come with +/-/* signs and color-coded outline.
  • when disabled: the number texts are instead color-coded to whether it is damage (red), heal (green) and negative-heal (magenta) regardless of the source players, and with black outline.

[Max Number to Show Decimals]

  • the maximum value of the non-shortened number texts that will retain tailing decimal details.

[Decimal Text Scale]

  • the relative scale to shrink down decimal part of the number texts.

[Hide ALL Decimals]

  • the override to hide ALL decimal part of the number texts, will not apply to scientific notation numbers.

[Number Base Size]

  • the base font size for the value-100 number texts

[Value-to-Size Scaling]

  • the scaling factor for number texts going above or below 100. Resize with logarithmic scaling (aka. order of magnitude, number of digits).

[Number Display Time]

  • the upper duration limit for the number texts to persist on screen.
  • * the timing is scaled alongside the game speed; it will last longer during point/round transistion, rematch menu, etc.

[Number Opaque Time]

  • the duration for number texts to be displayed fully opaque and then fading out afterward

[Number Sum Time Window]

  • the duration window for multiple instances of damage/heal to consolidate into one bigger number. (aka. the merging of damage-over-time or regeneration)
  • * a 1-second window is a proper DPS number grouping

[New Number Sum Delay]

  • the time gap for the new instances of damage/heal to be displayed and grouped up in a new number text. (aka. discrete bursts of damage or healing)

Note from the modder

Hopefully this mod will help clarifying all the damages being taken, given and healed away. All numbers are rendered on screen-space.

Patch Notes

Public Release 1-2 [v1.2.0]

  • Fixed major issue with damage number not disappearing after a set duration and eventually slow the game down or worse.

Public Release 1-1 [v1.1.0]

  • Damage numbers now guaranteed to disappear based on real-time duration if the game's slow-mo effect lasts too long for some reason.
  • Damage numbers will stop tracking when the battle ends and resume at battle starts.
  • Fixed the bug preventing anything players from taking / resolving damage in Sandbox Mode.

Public Release 1-0 [v1.0.0]

  • It all begins. Core functionality with in-game options and approximate preview.