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Adds new 100 cards to the game!

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This mod requires the following mods to function

willis81808-UnboundLib-3.2.13 icon

This is a helpful utility for ROUNDS modders aimed at simplifying common tasks.

Preferred version: 3.2.13
BepInEx-BepInExPack_ROUNDS-5.4.1900 icon

BepInEx pack for ROUNDS. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.1900
Pykess-CardChoiceSpawnUniqueCardPatch-0.1.10 icon

Patches erroneous logic in the base game CardChoice method SpawnUniqueCard

Preferred version: 0.1.10
willuwontu-WillsWackyMapObjects-1.2.4 icon

Adds some map objects to the map editor.

Preferred version: 1.2.4
Pykess-ModdingUtils-0.4.8 icon

Utilities aimed at making modding easier and more accessible

Preferred version: 0.4.8
RoundsModding-Performance_Improvements-0.2.0 icon

Lots of options to improve performance and stability

Preferred version: 0.2.0
Root-RarityLib-1.2.8 icon

A utility library for adding custom rarities to the game.

Preferred version: 1.2.8
Root-CardThemeLib-1.1.7 icon

A utility library for adding custom card themes to the game.

Preferred version: 1.1.7
Root-Classes_Manager_Reborn-1.5.4 icon

A recreation of the original Classes Manager, with added features.

Preferred version: 1.5.4
TeamDK-ZeroGBulletPatch-1.1.0 icon

Fixes trajectories of zero-gravity bullets

Preferred version: 1.1.0
BossSloth-CardBarPatch-2.1.1 icon

Fully customize the card bar to your own liking

Preferred version: 2.1.1
willis81808-ModsPlus-1.6.2 icon

Willis' amazing modding utilities

Preferred version: 1.6.2
willuwontu-StopShootingYoureDead-0.0.0 icon

A patch to fix bursts and blocking persisting between rounds.

Preferred version: 0.0.0


CR (Cosmic Rounds)

Adds 100 New cards to the game!!

New Cards

  • Beetle (Uncommon)

  • Crow (Uncommon)

  • Hawk (Uncommon)

  • Speed Up (Common)

  • Mosquito (Uncommon)

  • Super Sonic (Rare)

  • Stasis (Common)

  • Ones King (Legendary)

  • Bullet Time (Common)

  • Stun (Uncommon)

  • Fear Factor (Uncommon)

  • Star (Common)

  • Critical Hit (Common)

  • Flamethrower (Legendary)

  • Syphon (Uncommon)

  • Dropshot (Common)

  • Recon (Rare)

  • Taser (Rare)

  • Holster (Rare)

  • Drone (Legendary)

  • Flex (Uncommon)

  • Spark (Rare)

  • Golden Glaze (Uncommon)

  • Focus (Common)

  • Sugar Glaze (Uncommon)

  • Mitosis (Common)

  • Meiosis (Uncommon)

  • Pogo (Common)

  • All (Rare)

  • Cloud (Common)

  • Pulse (Uncommon)

  • Drive (Uncommon)

  • Sun (Legendary)

  • Comet (Uncommon)

  • Meteor (Uncommon)

  • Unicorn (Rare)

  • Red is double damage and +20% damage growth. - Orange is -90% Reload Time and very fast Attack Speed, but -25% damage. - Yellow is double Bullet Speed. - Green is double health. - Cyan is double movement speed and jump height, as well as slight bullet slow. - Blue is +50% health, -50% block cooldown, and +1 block, but -25% movement speed. - Purple is 4s damage over time, +50% health, +50% lifesteal, and +20% damage. - Pink is +5 bounces.

  • Gravity (Uncommon)

  • Ignite (Rare)

  • Fae Embers (Uncommon)

  • Careen (Common)

  • Asteroid (Uncommon)

  • Pulsar (Rare)

  • Glue (Uncommon)

  • Aqua Ring (Uncommon)

  • Quasar (Rare)

  • Cake (Uncommon)

  • Egg (Legendary)

  • Chlorophyll (Rare)

  • Hive (Rare)

  • Barrier (Uncommon)

  • Dove (Common)

  • Heartition (Rare)

  • Heartbeat (Rare)

  • Heartburn (Rare)

  • Heartthump (Rare)

  • Love Hertz (Rare)

  • Sweetheart (Rare)

  • Dark Matter (Rare)

  • Ring (Uncommon)

  • Ping (Uncommon)

  • Shooting Star (Uncommon)

  • Satellite (Common)

  • Vulture (Rare)

  • Hyper Sonic (Legendary)

  • Ice Shard (Rare)

  • Jack-O-Lantern (Rare)

  • Halo (Legendary)

  • Mistletoe (Rare)

  • Love Struck (Rare)

  • Tabula Rasa (Rare)

  • Seal (Uncommon)

  • Battery (Uncommon)

  • Assault (Uncommon)

  • Ding (Uncommon)

  • Discharge (Uncommon)

  • Bulk Up (Legendary)

  • Quantum (Rare)

  • Charge (Common)

  • Enchant (Rare)

  • Array (Common)

  • Squid (Rare)

  • Aquarius (Common)

  • Pisces (Common)

  • Aries (Common)

  • Taurus (Common)

  • Gemini (Common)

  • Cancer (Common)

  • Leo (Common)

  • Virgo (Common)

  • Libra (Common)

  • Scorpio (Common)

  • Sagittarius (Common)

  • Capricorn (Common)

  • Crush (Common)

  • Toss (Common)

  • Resonate (Rare)

  • Scarab (Legendary)

  • Replicate (Uncommon)

  • Zodiac (Rare)

  • Moon (Legendary)


  • v2.6.0

    • Added 3 new cards! (Names and rarities listed above!)
    • This makes 100! I'm sad to mention that this will be the last card update to CR!
    • We've had good times and bad times over the last 3 years, but they sure were fun times!
    • CR may be updated in the future with balance updates, so stick around!
  • v2.5.2

    • Actually fixed the 4 new cards so that they actually work! (Hooray!!)
    • Adjusted Fear Factor's bullet fired, and set the ability cooldown to 1s.
  • v2.5.1

    • Added art for the 4 new cards!
  • v2.5.0

    • Added 4 new cards! Listed above! (They do not have art quite yet!)
    • Taser now has a 1 second ability cooldown.
    • Reverted Quantum's rarity back to Rare and increased it's range.
  • v2.4.7

    • Balance changes for pretty much every card! (I'm a bit too lazy to list them all, so here's a few)
    • Speed Up stats reduced to 15%.
    • Super Sonic now lowers block cooldown again.
    • Fear Factor bullets reduced and ability cooldown increased.
    • Taser, Stun and Battery stun times reduced.
    • All stats increased to 15%.
    • Sun damage decreased.
    • Halo damage increased.
    • Quantum rarity changed to Uncommon.
    • Squid bounces increased back to +2.
    • Some sound balancing!
  • v2.4.6

    • Further ambiguous balance changes.
  • v2.4.5

    • Drive now lowers damage by 50% instead of 30%.
    • Unicorn how changes every 8s instead of 5s to hopefully be more consistent.
    • Aqua Ring now lasts for half as long.
    • Heartbeat activates every 6s instead of 4s.
    • Assault's damage has been decreased.
    • Ding now scales on 25% of your gun damage rather than 35%.
    • Discharge now scales on 25% of the enemy health rather than 33%.
    • Enchant now has 30% damage and projectile speed, and +4 bounces instead of +5. It now also uses Projectile Speed accurately.
    • Squid now lowers damage by 60% instead of 50%.
    • Taurus now has damage and block cooldown multiplied by 20%.
    • Virgo now decreases block cooldown by 20%.
    • Libra now has health multiplied by 20%.
  • v2.4.4

    • Adjusted Lifesteal scaling for some cards so they are now accurate.
    • In the previous patch, I forgot to mention that Barrier and Heartition now last 1s less.
  • v2.4.3

    • Stun is now Uncommon.
    • Syphon now has +30% Lifesteal instead of +50%, and is now Uncommon.
    • Squid now has +1 Bounce instead of +2.
    • Pisces now has +30% Health instead of +50%, and +30% Movement Speed instead of +20%.
    • Cancer now has +30% Lifesteal instead of +50%.
    • Libra now has +30% Health instead of +50%.
    • Scorpio now has +30% Lifesteal instead of +50%.
    • Sagittarius now has +50% Projectile Speed instead of +25%.
    • Capricorn now has +20% Health instead of +30%.
  • v2.4.2

    • Added art for the 12 new cards!
    • Charge now has +50% damage rather than +30%.
  • v2.4.1

    • Added 12(!!) new cards! Names and rarities listed above. Their main purpose is for simple stats.
    • Squid now has 2 bounces instead of 3, and -50% damage rather than -30%.
  • v2.4.0

    • Added a new card! Name and rarity listed above.
    • Reduced the amount of bullets and damage fired by Fear Factor.
    • Mitosis can no longer stack.
    • Drive can now activate earlier.
    • Glue now has +50% Bullet Slow instead of +100%.
    • Aqua Ring now follows the player that uses it, but lasts 4s instead of 5s.
    • Hive can no longer stack.
    • Barrier should now more accurately destroy bullets.
    • Dove's ammo amount is now +2 instead of +3.
    • Heartition should now more accurately destroy bullets.
    • Halo can no longer stack.
    • Quantum now has an ability cooldown.
  • v2.3.5

    • Reduced the amount of bullets fired by Fear Factor.
    • Reduced Cloud's damage from -20% to -50%.
    • Reduced Dove's damage from -20% to -50%.
    • Increased Flex's interval from 1.5s to 2.5s.
  • v2.3.4

    • Fixed the Reload Time bug that caused infinite reload time.
    • Fixed a long time bug that caused DoT effects to not stack properly, multiplying damage.
    • Reworked Bulk Up to be a lot stronger and less like Shields Up.
    • Slight balance changes to certain cards.
  • v2.3.3

    • Mainly fixed a lot of innaccurate descriptions!
  • v2.3.2

    • Even more bugfixes yeah yeah yeah!!!
  • v2.3.1

    • Some more bugfixes yeah yeah!!
  • v2.3.0

    • No time to put in all the balance patches! I'll just treat them as a surprise!
    • Some bugfixes yeah yeah!
  • v2.2.8

    • Now with birds!
    • A bugfix or two.
  • v2.2.7

    • Meiosis' stats are now accurate.
    • Charge now only increases movement speed by +30%.
    • Fixed the way block cooldown is calculated, it should now adjust accordingly.
  • v2.2.6

    • Mitosis no longer increases damage, instead the ability increases damage.
    • Some bug fixes.
  • v2.2.5

    • Slightly adjusted Unicorn's description. (Happy Pride Month!)
    • Battery's range has been fixed.
    • Assault now has lower range and damage.
    • Ding now has lower range.
    • Discharge now has lower range.
  • v2.2.4

    • Seal now properly resets damage buffs, and can no longer affect a target multiple times.
  • v2.2.3

    • Stasis now resets range.
    • Bullet Time now resets range.
    • Star is now back up to 20% damage growth, and now only increases reload time by +0.25s instead of +0.5s.
    • Drone now resets range.
    • Focus now resets range.
    • Pogo now increases health by +60% instead of +50%, and now also lowers gravity by 50%.
    • Drive now resets range.
    • Gravity is now an Uncommon.
    • Hyper Sonic now only increases health and movement speed by +80%
    • Seal now also negates damage buffs.
    • Battery now increases health by +50% instead of +30%.
    • Assault now increases health by +50% instead of +30% and has increased range, but slightly lower damage.
    • Ding now lowers reload time by -35% instead of -25% and has increased range.
    • Discharge now lowers reload time by -35% instead of -25%, has increased range and activates when you start reloading. However, it now does 33% over 4s.
  • v2.2.2

    • Crow now adds +5 Ammo.
    • Mosquito's Projectile Speed is now +30% instead of +50%. Lifesteal is now +50% instead of +75%.
    • Stun now has -1 Ammo.
    • Fear Factor now will shoot bullets for a bit longer.
    • Critical Hit's visual should now show for all players.
    • Syphon's visual should now show for all players.
    • Spark now lowers damage by 70% instead of 30%.
    • Sugar Glaze's movement speed effect has been toned down.
    • Cloud now lowers damage by 20%.
    • Drive's effect has been toned down.
    • Fae Ember's damage has been decreased.
    • Glue now does a teenie bit of damage.
    • Quasar's radius has been increased.
    • Cake now only gives +35% movement speed instead of +50%.
    • Chlorophyll now only gives +15% movement speed each stack.
    • Hive now increased block cooldown by +25% instead of +50%. It also fires 1 less bullet with more damage.
    • Dove now gives -105% bullet gravity instead of -115%. It also gives +3 Ammo.
    • Vulture now lowers damage by 60% instead of 50%.
    • Ice Shard now is back to having a limited range.
    • Jack-O-Lantern now has +6 bounces instead of +7. it also loses a bit more speed on bounce.
    • Halo now has +25% Block Cooldown instead of +15%. It also has lower damage and a bit more spread.
    • Love Struck now gives lifesteal by +30% instead of +50%. It also only scales it's damage by 150% instead of 200%.
    • Tabula Rasa no longer resets health. It also can only be picked up once.
    • Seal's visual should now show for all players.
    • Battery's stun duration has been increased.
    • Assault now has a stronger slow.
  • v2.2.1

    • Crow now gives +3 Bullets instead of +5, but no longer lowers Bullet Speed.
    • Flex now has a 3s cooldown instead 1s.
    • Golden Glaze now lowers targets' Health by 50% instead of 75%.
    • Pogo now jumps every 4s instead of every 2s, and now increases Health by 50% instead of 30%.
    • Aqua Ring's healing now scales with max health again, but now only one may exist at a time.
    • Quasar now scales much stronger off of max health.
    • Barrier has a bigger range.
    • Heartition now has a bigger range and recovers 25% of your health instead of 25 health.
    • Heartbeat has been reworked, it now heals for 30 health and regains your block every 4 seconds.
    • Ring no longer lowers damage, and the rings themselves now do full bullet damage.
    • Vulture now lowers damage by 50% instead of 30%.
    • Ice Shard now lowers damage by 66% instead of 50%.
    • Halo Bullets now do full damage.
    • Ice Shard now lowers damage by 66% instead of 50%.
    • Mistletoe now has 30% lifesteal instead of 50%, but the scaling of the regen and damage of the ice field is a bit stronger.
    • Seal now has a 50% chance to activate instead of a 25% chance.
    • Battery now activates on start and end of reload.
    • Assault now activates on start and end of reload.
    • Ding now activates on start and end of reload, lowers reload time by 25% and now does 50% of your gun damage. (Adjusted to calculate accurately)
    • Discharge now lowers reload time by 25% and deals damage over 3s.
    • Bulk Up now activates on start and end of reload.
    • Quantum has a slightly larger range.
    • Charge now also increases movement speed by 50%.
  • v2.2.0

    • Added 11(!) new cards! Names and rarities listed above!
    • Cake now gives +7 life regen, +50% health and +35% reload time. (Instead of +5, +35% and +50%)
    • Chlorophyll now gives +7 life regen, +30% health and +30% movement speed. (Instead of +5, +20% and +20%)
  • v2.1.25

    • Crow has slightly reduced damage.
    • Sun has been reworked AGAIN.
    • Dove has more(?) Bullet Gravity.
    • Love Hertz now stuns every 2s, but has a lower stun and silence time.
    • Ice Shard has slighty more damage.
    • Jack-O-Lantern loses slightly less speed.
    • Love Struck is back up to +50% Lifesteal and now gives +30% Health.
  • v2.1.24

    • Everything should be back to normal!
    • Bullet Time can now be received multiple times.
  • v2.1.23

    • Uh oh (April Fools)!
  • v2.1.22

    • Fixed a huge bug with Beetle that caused sliight life regen to linger!
    • Reduced Glue's effect time even further.
    • Decreased Stun's stun chance, but it no longer gives -1 bullet.
    • Increased Fear Factor's bullet damage to be 100% of the bullet damage instead of 50%.
    • Reduced Flex's ability cooldown from 5s to 1s.
    • Increased Golden Glaze's effect from 50% to 75%.
    • Slightly adjusted Halo's damage and gravity.
    • Love Struck now does 200% of Lifesteal instead of 175%.
  • v2.1.21

    • Changed Love Tap's name to Love Struck. I was also made aware that there were only 67 Vanilla Cards, not 69. Whoops!
    • Reduced Glue's effect time, but it now boosts Attack Speed by 100%.
    • Many CR effects that cannot affect the player that used them also can no longer affect allies on the same team. Same thing with effects that benefit the player.
    • Sun now gives an extra bounce, and increases damage.
    • Ice Shard no longer lowers range, but the bullets don't move as fast. It also has slightly lower damage and reload time.
    • Halo has adjusted spread and damage, as well as gravity and projectile speed.
    • Mistletoe now does damage based on max health, and the healing has been increased.
    • Love Struck has increased range.
  • v2.1.20

    • Added a new card, name and rarity listed above! (The 69th! This isn't just a meme, this is officially how many cards vanilla has!)
    • Added a VFX toggle option to the CR settings, which will disable certain visual effects, such as the ones used for Ignite.
    • Adjusted card visuals, and card descriptions.
    • Fixed a bug with Critical Hit, which allowed it to activate more often when playing with people online. This was supposed to be fixed when Syphon and Stun had similar problems, but it went under the radar.
    • Beetle now has +7 Life Regen instead of +5. (+5 -> +7)
    • Jack-O-Lantern has 7 bounces instead of 10, and has less Projectile Speed. (+10 -> +7 | +50% -> +25%)
  • v2.1.19

    • ALL, Egg, Cloud and Satellite have gone down a rarity. (listed above)
    • Meiosis has went up a rarity. (listed above)
    • Beetle, Cake, and Chlorophyll have reduced life regen.
    • Crow fires 1 less bullet. (+6 -> +5)
    • Hawk and Recon no longer force you to fire 1 bullet.
    • Speed Up now gives +25% movement speed.
    • Super Sonic only reduces health by 35%. (-50% -> -35%)
    • Stasis now gives more damage. (+25% -> +35%)
    • Bullet Time now gives less reload time. (-30% -> -35%)
    • Stun now gives less reload time. Its ability is also slightly stronger. (-25% -> -35%)
    • Fear Factor's ability has been weakened.
    • Star now gives less damage growth. (+20% -> +15%)
    • Syphon's ability has been strengthend a bit.
    • Taser now only lowers block cooldown by 30%, instead of increasing it and movement speed.
    • Drone now lowers damage by 75%. (-40% -> -75%)
    • Spark now increases attack speed by more, and its ability has been strengthened. (+122% -> +143%)
    • Golden Glaze's ability now decreases target health by 50% instead of 30%.
    • Pogo no longer heals, but it gives lower block coodlown. (-30% -> -40%)
    • Pulse has 1 less bounce. (+2 -> +1)
    • Drive has 1 less bounce and lower damage. (+1 -> +0 | -15% -> -35%)
    • Sun now has fixed range instead of resetting range, it also moves slower.
    • Unicorn no longer decreases projectile speed.
    • Ignite's block ability now deals 33% of the targets' max health as damage instead of 25%.
    • Fae Embers has decreased damage.
    • Careen has 1 less bounce and now gives +0.25s of reload time. (+2 -> +1)
    • Glue's effect has been strengthened.
    • Hive has more block cooldown. (+10% -> +50%)
    • Heartition lasts 1 second less and heals for 15 instead of 30.
    • Heartbeat now activates every 7 seconds instead of 8.
    • Heartburn now does less damage and heals for less.
    • Sweetheart has less lifesteal. (+100% -> +50%)
    • Dark Matter has lower projectile speed. (-50% -> -70%)
    • Ring has 1 less bounce. (+2 -> +1)
    • Shooting Star has 1 less bounce. (+2 -> +1)
    • Halo's ability is a bit less hectic.
    • Mistletoe has less lifesteal. (+75% -> +50)
  • v2.1.18

    • Slight change to Mistletoe's visuals.
  • v2.1.17

    • Added a new card, listed above!
    • Chlorophyll can only stack back to 3.
    • Some slight balance tweaks and changes!
    • Added some card typos!
  • v2.1.16

    • Chlorophyll has had its stats increased to +20% instead of +15% and can stack up to 5, but also had its reload time increased to +100%.
    • Cake now has +50% reload time instead of +35%.
    • All now gives +/-10% instead of +/-7%. It also now gives regen!
    • Hyper Sonic now ACTUALLY gives regen, which was a bug that it didn't before.
    • Sun has been reworked (again), it now gives +1 bounce and no longer gives +4 projectiles. It also only homes in on the center of the screen when it runs out of bounces.
    • Most block cards have had their ability cooldowns completely removed! This was also part of a bug that made players teleport when using them with Empower, which has now been fixed!
  • v2.1.15

    • Chlorophyll is now a Rare!
    • Pogo now heals for 10 every 2 seconds, instead of 7 every second. It now also jumps every 2 seconds.
    • Fae Embers and Heartburn damage has been reduced.
    • Sun should be less hectic (though it still is), and no longer gives 5 bounces, more bullet speed and more damage, instead, it gives +4 projectiles.
    • Other bugfixes and balance changes!
  • v2.1.14

    • All is now a Legendary!
    • Quasar now can only have 1 active at a time.
    • Egg has been fixed, it can now give Uncommons. It now also has a chance to give a Legendary instead of a Rare when it would have given a Rare.
    • Love Hertz and Sweetheart should no longer be able to affect you before the match starts...probably.
    • Hyper Sonic has been buffed, it now gives more health as well as Life Regen.
    • Halo is now a Legendary!
    • Other various bugfixes, tweaks and visual updates.
  • v2.1.13

    • Added a new card, listed above.
    • Pogo now ACTUALLY heals for 7 instead of 10. It also has decreased jump height.
    • Meiosis is now a Common!
    • Hive is now a Rare!
    • Cloud and Dove now deal more damage.
    • Various other balance changes.
  • v2.1.12

    • Added a new card, listed above.
    • Pogo now heals for 7 instead of 10.
    • Aqua Ring and Quasar no longer have an ability cooldown!
    • Ice Shard is now a rare!
  • v2.1.11

    • Added a new card, listed above.
    • Sweet Heart has been fixed, it no longer sends you into the stratosphere. (For real this time!)
    • Drone is back to a legendary.
    • Golden Glaze now decreases enemy health by 30% instead of 20%.
    • Pogo now heals 10 each second instead of 3.
    • Cloud now has more damage. (-50% -> -30%)
    • Drive has slightly better aiming.
    • Fae Embers and Heartburn now do HP based damage, but have lower base damage.
    • Shooting Star has been reworked.
    • Quasar now deals a bit more damage.
    • Glue no longer increases reload time.
    • All Heart and Love cards now heal in some way, except Dove.
    • Dark Matter now does HP based damage, but has lower base damage.
  • v2.1.10

    • Critical Hit now increases reload time. (-25% -> +25%)
    • Dropshot now increases reload time by 0.25s.
    • Mitosis now increases block cooldown by 0.5s.
    • Pogo now heals for 3 on each second instead of 5.
    • Cloud now has been reworked a bit, it now has +2 Bullets, more bullet speed, more bullet gravity and more bullet drag.
    • Cloud now ACTUALLY has -30% like it says, instead of the -70% that it actually did.
    • Pulse no longer can hurt the player that shot it, and it has +1 bounce. (+2 Bounces -> +3 Bounces)
    • Glue now resets bounces again.
    • Ping now does 50% of your gun damage again, but it now increases damage by 15%.
  • v2.1.9

    • All Regen stats now show a flat amount, this does not affect how they work.
    • All "Focused Shots" stats now show "Reset Spread", this does not affect how they work.
    • Fear Factor has less health. (+35% -> +30%)
    • Star description changed.
    • Critical Hit no longer lowers damage.
    • Syphon now has more lifesteal. (+25% -> +50%)
    • Dropshot has less bounces. (+2 -> +1)
    • Taser is now Rare instead of Uncommon.
    • Flex has a longer cooldown. (3s -> 5s)
    • Drone is now a Rare instead of a Legendary, but it can only target close enemies, and has lower damage. (-30% -> -40%)
    • Golden Glaze no longer decreases damage, and now increases reload time by 20%.
    • Sugar Glaze now has lower reload time. (-25% -> -20%)
    • Mitosis now increases damage by 25%.
    • Pogo is now a Common that heals each time it jumps, but it has higher block cooldown. (-40% -> -30%)
    • Drive can now only target close enemies, and has less damage. (-30% -> -40%)
    • Sun can now go through walls.
    • All reload cards (like Comet, Asteroid and Meteor) now ACTUALLY affect reload time.
    • Gravity does increased damage and it sends farther, but it can now be blocked aptly.
    • Ignite is now a Rare instead of Uncommon.
    • Fae Embers does more damage.
    • Careen is now Common instead of Uncommon.
    • Glue now gives -1 Bounce instead of resetting them to 0.
    • Aqua Ring now heals a flat 55 health instead of 30% of max health, it now also gives less health. (+50% -> +30%)
    • Heartbeat now triggers every 8 seconds instead of 5.
    • Heartburn does more damage.
    • Ring now has more damage. (-30% -> -20%)
    • Ping does 75% of your gun damage instead of 50%.
    • Heartburn does more damage.
    • Numerous other bugfixes.
  • v2.1.8

    • Stun now says "-1 Ammo" again, this doesn't change anything about the card, as it always gave -1 Ammo.
    • Health effects that didn't apply properly now do.
    • Chlorophyll and Cake persistence issues have hopefully be solved.
  • v2.1.7

    • Stun and Silence effects should now sync up properly online.
    • Pulse has a limited number of pops, and does more damage when it does.
    • Pogo now lowers block cooldown by 40% instead of 50%.
  • v2.1.6

    • A ton of card rarity changes have happened, check above to see the new rarity changes.
    • Mosquito now has less lifesteal and less reload time. (Life Steal: +100% -> +75% | Reload: +35% -> +25%)
    • Ones King now displays that it slows Projectile Speed again.
    • Stun is now Common instead of Uncommon.
    • Star has lower damage, but it is Common instead of Uncommon. (-75% -> -80%)
    • Flamethrower and Ignite now have a slower interval of damage, and they display a new stat to let people know they can set objects on fire.
    • Syphon is now Common.
    • Dropshot has 1 less bounce, and is Common.
    • Drone has more damage. (-70% -> -30%)
    • Focus no longer increases damage (bugfix) and now actually increases health like the card says.
    • Sugar Glaze is now Uncommon.
    • Cloud is now Uncommon.
    • Careen is now Uncommon.
    • Cake and Chlorophyll's regen calculation is a flat amount like Beetle's, instead of being based on max health.
    • Ring now has less bounces. (+4 -> +2)
    • Satellite is now Uncommon.
  • v2.1.5

    • Speed Up no longer lowers health, but its reload time reduction has been decreased. (30% -> 25%)
    • Flex is now Uncommon, but no longer lowers block cooldown. Instead, it increases it by 0.5s.
    • Pogo now decreases block cooldown by 50%, and is Uncommon. (-40% -> -50%)
    • Gravity now increases health by 30% instead of movement speed by 20%.
    • Fae Embers now increases movement speed by 30% instead of health.
    • Quasar now triggers more often, but has reduced damage.
    • Dark Matter no longer reduces damage, but the DoT damage has been reduced.
    • Ring has more damage, and it gives more bounces. (Damage: -50% -> -30% | Bounces: +1 -> +4)
    • Love Hertz now has a visual for when the target is stunned and silenced, and does a bit of damage when that happens.
    • Chlorophyll now has a max of 3 stacks.
  • v2.1.4

    • Added a new card, listed above.
    • CR now uses RarityLib, which means CR will now include Legendary cards! These cards have been moved to Legendary:
    • Ones King
    • Flamethrower
    • Drone
    • Sun
    • Egg
    • Sweet Heart has been fixed, it no longer sends you into the stratosphere.
    • Ones King now decreases bullet gravity instead of increasing it.
    • Super Sonic no longer increases Projectile Speed.
    • Speed Up's HP decrease has been decreased.
    • Love Hertz range has been increased.
  • v2.1.3

    • All cards now have card art again! (woooot!)
    • Mosquito now has +100% Lifesteal. (It was previously +50%, but its stats didn't accurate show that)
    • Stasis now gives +25% damage.
  • v2.1.2

    • Persistence issues involving instantiating objects has been fixed.
    • Most visual effects have been updated or adjusted.
    • Quasar activates less often, is smaller, and has a 3 second ability cooldown.
    • Barrier and Heartition update less often.
    • Love Hertz stun and silence length increased.
    • Taser stun length decreased.
    • Heartbeat activates every 5 seconds instead of 3 seconds.
  • v2.1.1

    • Barrier's visual has been fixed.
    • Careen now has lower damage, but can be fired at steep downward angles.
    • Chlorophyll should now correctly see if the player is reloading.
    • Drive, Drone and Hive are a bit slower, and Drive is now an Uncommon with a bit more damage.
    • Mosquito now has +50% lifesteal.
    • Ring and Dark Matter now have different ranges, and their update time has been lowered.
    • Satellite now has +2 Bounces and works a bit differently.
    • Performance Improvements is now a dependency until I can learn how to disable certain screenshake effects.
  • v2.1.0

    • Aqua Ring is now Uncommon.

    • Asteroid has less damage. (+50% -> +30%)

    • Barrier and Heartition range lowered. Also Heartition now heals for a flat 15.

    • Bullet Time stats have changed. (-35% Reload Time -> -30%, -30% Projectile Speed -> -65%)

    • Careen now has +1 Bounce.

    • Cloud no longer increases damage.

    • Comet now increases projectile speed by 50% instead of damage.

    • Dark Matter and Ring have lower range and damage.

    • Fear Factor now no longer lowers block cooldown.

    • Flex and Holster are now Rare.

    • Focus no longer increases damage, and it lowers attack speed by 50%.

    • Glue now increases reload time, and is Uncommon.

    • Golden Glaze is Uncommon, Sugar Glaze no longer increases damage.

    • Heart Thump now heals for 9% of your bullet damage.

    • Heartbeat no longer decreases block cooldown.

    • Love Hertz now triggers every 2 seconds.

    • Mosquito no longer increases damage.

    • Ping is now Uncommon.

    • Pogo now only decreases Block Cooldown.

    • Pulse no longer increases damage, and it now slows first before is speeds up.

    • Quasar now deals less damage, and it no longer stuns while dealing damage.

    • Recon now lowers Attack Speed accurately.

    • Satellite no longer increases damage.

    • Shooting Star has lower damage. (+50% -> +30%)

    • Spark stats have changed. (+10 Ammo -> +2, -20% Reload Time -> -35%)

    • Speed Up now only lowers reload time and block cooldown.

    • Stasis no longer increases damage.

    • Super Sonic no longer decreases block cooldown.

    • Sweet Heart no longer increases damage.

    • Taser no longer has an ability cooldown.

    • Not a balance change, but info for Unicorn:

    • Red is double damage and +20% damage growth.

    • Orange is -90% Reload Time and very fast Attack Speed, but -25% damage.

    • Yellow is double Bullet Speed.

    • Green is double health.

    • Cyan is double movement speed and jump height, as well as slight bullet slow.

    • Blue is +50% health, -50% block cooldown, and +1 block, but -25% movement speed.

    • Purple is 4s damage over time, +50% health, +50% lifesteal, and +20% damage.

    • Pink is +5 bounces.

    • Shooting Star now properly bounce off screen borders.

  • v2.0.6

    • Speed Up and Super Sonic now affect health properly.
  • v2.0.5

    • Chlorophyll and Cake now say "Initial Reload Time" instead of "Reload Time." Chlorophyll now also accurately says "+50%."
    • Ring now only has +1 Bounce. Dark Matter has only +2 Bounces.
  • v2.0.4

    • Added 3 new cards to the mod! Check above for names and rarities!
    • EGG has been fixed for real this time.
    • Aqua Ring now has an ability cooldown.
    • Sun now redirects a lot less strongly, and has had some stat adjustments.
    • Ring now does less damage, but has an additional bounce.
    • Pulsar now scales with gun damage and has had its repositioning re-added.
    • Barrier and Heartition delete bullets instead of just reflecting them, and are more accurate when doing so.
    • Other additional stat adjustments!
  • v2.0.3 (April Fools)

    • EGG has been fixed and updated to match its true form and capabilities.
  • v2.0.2

    • Pulsar now does damage again.
    • Comet, Meteor and Asteroid all now do +50% damage instead of +30%.
    • Fae Embers, Quasar and Heartburn now deal more damage.
    • Heartition lasts a bit longer.
    • CR SFX volume now scales to Master Volume as well as SFX Volume.
  • v2.0.1

    • Adjusted Dark Matter, now has lower projectile speed, but it doesn't reflect against players anymore.
    • Ring and Dark Matter both lower damage a tiny bit.
    • Slow adding cards (Glue, Stun, Comet) now add more slow, but slow as a stat no longer adds +100% slow if there is no slow.
  • v2.0.0

    • Added 3 new cards! Names and rarities are listed above.
    • All "Heart" cards are now rare.
    • Reworked Pulse.
    • Reworked Egg.
    • Miscellaneous other balance changes! You'll have to see em to know em!