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Auto Skips the T-Pose Screen when Loaded and Persistent TPose

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  1. Install MelonLoader
  2. Run Game
  3. Drop Folders into Rumble Folder
  4. Play Game. It'll Load the Stored TPose Data on Game Load.


  • TPose in Game to Store TPose Data to /UserData/LoaderSkipper/LastTPose.txt
  • Copy that Data into /UserData/LoaderSkipper/OverrideTPose.txt to have that Data Load Every time you Open the Game otherwise it'll load from /UserData/LoaderSkipper/LastTPose.txt
  • TPosing in game will not automatically Overwrite Data in TPoseMeasurements.txt in case accidental T-Pose happens

Help And Other Resources

Get help and find other resources in the Modding Discord: https://discord.gg/fsbcnZgzfa