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Adds new items from ideas of the community to Skul: the Hero Slayer!

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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BepInEx pack for Skul: the Hero Slayer. Includes unstripped core and Unity libraries. Ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.2100


Voice of the Community

This is a mod that adds new custom items to the game, all from the ideas of the Official Skul Discord!


This project is a variation of MrBacanudo's Custom Items mod. None of the code belongs to me excluding content related to custom items.


This mod contains:

  • 5 Commons
  • 9 Rares
  • 4 Uniques
  • 3 Omens
  • 5 Legendaries

Please keep in mind, the mod doesn't gurantee that your game will be 100% fine. Use this at your own risk. Here be dragons!


I would like to give a huge thanks to people who contributed to this mod. This includes:

  • iBearATK - creator of 'Vase of the Fallen', 'Broken Heart', 'Small Twig', 'Volcanic Shard', 'Shrinking Potion', 'Growing Potion', and 'Lucky Coin'
  • Zinier - creator of 'Rusty Chalice', 'Blood-Soaked Javelin', 'Cross Necklace', 'Mana Accelerator', 'Fonias', and 'Omen: Accursed Sabre'
  • Haxa - creator of 'Omen: Flask of Botulism', 'Omen: Corrupted Symbol', 'Beginner's Lance', and 'Heavy-Duty Carleon Helmet'
  • regular anime girl - creator of 'Tainted Finger' and 'Rotten Wings'
  • Steak - creator of 'Dream Catcher', 'Winged Spear', and 'Weird Herbs'
  • Vaalfen - creator of 'Frozen Spear'
  • viktor_k - creator of 'Spiky Rapida'
  • WillSP - creator of 'Cursed Hourglass'
  • damku1214 (Yes, it's me!) - creator of 'Tainted Red Scarf'

Special thanks to iBearATK for creating the icon for the mod!